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Things to Know Before Applying for Contributory Parent Visa 143

TravelThings to Know Before Applying for Contributory Parent Visa 143

This Contributory Parent Visa 143 assists the parents to live in Australia permanently if they have any child who intends to be the Australian citizen, permanent resident or the eligible New Zealand citizen being settled in the Aussie land.

Who can sponsor me for the visa application?

This 143 Visa is merely the sponsorship based visa, so the applicants are required to be sponsored by their child or the spouse of any of their children. It is too essential that your sponsor for the visa is required to be above the age of 18 and also it is essential that your sponsor should be living in the Australian region.

What this visa lets you do in Australia?

After attaining the grant for Contributory parent Visa 143, the individuals are availed with a huge number of benefits. Thus, the same would have the inclusion of the following;

  • One would be availed with the benefit of working and studying in the Australian region.
  • The individual would be able to live in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • You would be able to enroll in Medicare which is said to be Australia’s scheme for the care and expenses in relation to health.
  • After considering the eligibility criteria, you would be also able to apply for Australian citizenship.
  • You would be able to sponsor the eligible relatives for having permanent residence in Australia.
  • You would be able to travel to and fro from Australia for the time period of 5 years. It is from the date the visa is being granted. After the particular time phase,

Eligibility criteria for the visa application

In order to attain the Parent Visa 143 grant, it is essential that you should consider the below-mentioned eligibility requirements for the visa;

  • You should have an eligible sponsor for your visa who would just wish to provide you with the support merely for the time period of 2 years in the Australian region.
  • You should be eligible or attaining the Assurance of Support, which is thus the legal document which would provide assurance to the Australian government that you would not rely on the Australian government for the time period of 2 years. It is all after you enter in the Australian region.
  • You are too required to meet out the character and the health-based requirements.

Step to Step Guide for having the application of Contributory Parent Visa 143

In order to have the visa application in a better and accurate manner, it is suggested that one should go for the below-mentioned steps and avail the benefit of visa Subclass 143 grant in just one go;

Step 1: Before having the visa application, you are required to check your passport. In case, you need any of the help you may have someone who could just act on your behalf.

Step 2: The second step in the section of the visa application rests with the gathering of all of the relevant documents for the application. The documents would too have the inclusion of the dependents or partners who might be having the visa application with you. Thus, you would just have the requirement of your sponsor documents.

Step 3: The next step rests with having via the application. One might have a visa application on paper. You can have the application from inside or outside of the Australian region. But, when it is taken the visa decision, you should be outside of Australia. It is unless you hold for the substituted Visitor Visa subclass 600 or the Contributory Parent Temporary Visa Subclass 173 before lodging for the visa application.

Step 4: After having the visa application, the authorities will just let you know about receiving the application.

Step 5: When the decision for your visa application is being taken, it is necessary that you should be outside of the Australian region unless you hold the substituted Visitor Visa subclass 600 or the Contributory Parent Temporary Visa Subclass 173 before lodging for the visa application.

In case, you apply as a retiree, you can be in or outside of the Australian region. Along with this, you will be also availed with the below-mentioned details;

If your visa application is granted;

  • You would be made aware of the visa grant number.
  • Information about the starting date of your visa.
  • Details of the varied visa conditions.

It is too necessary that you should keep a copy of your visa grant at the time when you are living in Australia.

In case, your visa application is refused;

  • The reason behind the refusal of your visa application.
  • The aspect of whether you have the right to review the decision of the authorities or not.

For more of the details about the visa application, one could seek the help of the Immigration Agent Perth. The individuals working in the facet possess years of experience dealing with the clients of different mindsets. Migration Agent Perth will acknowledge you with the complete details with respect to the visa application procedure. You can feel free to reach the office when you need any assistance.

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