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Tips to Follow before Applying for Loan Against Property (LAP)

BusinessTips to Follow before Applying for Loan Against Property (LAP)

LAP is a loan that you get by pledging your commercial/residential property. A secured loan like a loan against property has many benefits—for example, Low-interest rates, higher borrowing limits, and longer repayment terms.

Like every other loan, a loan against property has its own conditions for eligibility. It has its own features and advantages. Different banks have different lending practices. Thus, it is very important that one examines all the details and compares them.

In this article, you will get the tips you need to follow before applying for loan against property:

Pick your lender only after a detailed comparison:

If you think that any bank will provide you with a loan against property, then you might be wrong. Not only do they differ in their interest rates but also in many other factors. It can be processing fees, maximum & Minimum age of the borrower, maximum loan on property value. You also need to check loan amount eligibility for max tenure. For example, With SBI for a loan amount of ₹ 7.50 Cr, you can get a maximum tenure of 15 years.

Every bank has its conditions on which they approve a loan. You must visit their websites and read all the hidden terms and conditions. You can also use their online EMI calculator and compare their interest rates.

Check CIBIL Score:

The preservation of credit score is a necessary condition for every loan in banking. If it is a cyclical credit card bill or a debt redemption, it pays well with regularity. You are liable to get much better interest rates on your loan when your CIBIL ranking is more than 750.

This refers to an increased possibility of fast credit accumulation and disbursement.

Your CIBIL score represents your reputation, payment background, and existing debts. That’s why every bank would test the ratings and credit background. Importance of Good CIBIL Score to Avail a Personal Loan

Check Additional Charges:

Besides the EMIs, there could be other regulatory or utility costs; banks charge on request for a loan. Be sure you negotiate this with the bank before applying for the loan. Check for one-time or seasonal expenses; take into account your EMIs. Whether they are monthly charges, and your monthly budgets can schedule with the help of it.

Check Repayment tenure:

Your maturity tenure is the duration you take to pay off the approved loan. The mandate for repayment and your EMIs go hand-in-hand. Although choosing for a longer-term could result in smaller EMI sums. It is advisable to pick a limited repayment tenure with higher EMIs. Suppose you have a steady and growing income and intend a tight budget. To promote more accelerated redemption, interest rates for certain tenures are lower. For those deciding on a shorter maturity period, banks offer competitive interest rates.

Review various loans and interest rates:

You must check your affordability and the willingness to pay back the amount. So before you apply for the loan, it is necessary to check and analyze many lenders. To ensure that you can pick the lowest loan against a property interest rate. Look at adjustable advance payment terms. This will render redemption easier and help you clear the loan quicker.

Note that few banks might have low-interest rates, but they may charge premium fees.

Consider your needs and schedule your repayment before you submit:

Let your financial conditions be the reference as you determine how much to borrow. Also, compare the current income alongside established EMIs and periodic spending. To determine whether you can manage a property loan. Suppose you have known how you can repay the loan, either by investment gains or your earnings alone. Ask for a loan only after you believe it is a workable option.

Know the other privileges and facilities your lender provides:

You can get value-added services from your lender that increase the value of your loan. Check these sites to enhance the borrowing experience. These programs provide advice in locating the correct land, help on purchase-related technicalities. It helps in getting personalized insurance schemes. With the help of value-added programs, you would make the loan more valuable for you.


A secured loan like a Loan against property has many benefits. Different banks have different lending practices. In this article, we covered the steps we need to follow before applying for loan against property. Compare all the lenders (banks & financial institutions). Check your CIBIL score because it is very important for banking needs. Go through the website and check all the extra charges. The lenders may differ based on processing fees or application fees. To get competitive benefits, check the interest rates as it is different for every bank. Also, try to know more about your lender, extra services & current norms. Bearing these tips in mind, you can go ahead with your loan procedures.

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