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7 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Contact Lenses

Fashion7 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Contact Lenses

Gone are the times when we used to hear about the discussion on how to wear makeup with glasses. Now contacts are makeup is all that we want to hear about!

Specs and makeup can you wear it together? 

Wearing contacts can surely save you from wearing spec, but it also comes with its concerns. Particularly, if you are a cosmetics lover, it can be bothersome for you. But having specs doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your makeup.

Let me share how!

Before moving on to the topic, let me share my own experience. A few years ago, my sister developed a severe infection, and we took her to an eye specialist in Peshawar, But her infection was getting severe until the physician was able to find the actual cause. Yeah, you guessed it right! It was all about her contacts and makeup.  

How to wear makeup and lens together? 

Here are a few tips on how you can wear your makeup and contacts together.

1- Lenses before makeup

As a general rule, you need to put in your lenses first, and then you should apply your makeup. Similarly, it is advisable to remove your contacts before you take your makeup off. Both these practices can help in preventing makeup from getting onto your contacts that can irritate.

My sister, who was diagnosed with an eye infection at Khattak eye center, used to wear contacts after applying makeup which resulted in a persistent eye infection.

2- Don’t forget to wash your hands

No matter how short you are of time, don’t skip this important step. Before you touch cosmetics products, make sure you apply contacts with clean hands. Anything you have on your fingertips will be automatically transferred to your lenses. Apart from clean hands, putting in contacts with dry hands is another smart move.

3- Choose makeup products carefully

When it comes to choosing makeup products with contacts, you need to be very careful. Certain ingredients present in products can cause damage to your contacts, consequently harming your eyes. While choosing products, you need to keep in your mind that;

  • Oil-free products are way better because they minimized the chances of products entering your eyes and contacting your lenses.
  • Other than this, you should always prefer waterproof products because they are less likely to trouble your eyes.
  • Rather than using loose powder eye shadows, try the creamy or pressed ones as they can’t go easily into your eyes.
  • Choosing a clump-free mascara can also help you to protect your eyes while wearing contacts.
  • Finally, choose your eyeliner with great care. Always prefer liquid eyeliner over pencil ones because it is more gentle and safer for your eyes.

4- Choose applicants carefully

After choosing your makeup, applying it is the next important step you should worry about. Choose the right brushes and sponges because less pressure is certainly good for your eyes. Don’t rely on using your figures as it can increase the pressure on your eyes which can be damaging in the long run. Apart from this, you should regularly wash off your makeup applicants to keep them bacteria-free.

5- Carefully apply makeup

While you are done selecting the right makeup and applicants for you, the thing which comes next is the application of makeup. Try not to touch your eyes excessively and apply it with soft hands. Besides this, don’t apply makeup on your lid ledge as it is in direct contact with your eyeballs. Applying it on the lid ledge will block the oil glands that can cause irritation and drier eyes.

6- Replace your eye makeup

While you carefully choose what you are outing on your eyes, it is also important to replace your old makeup products often. Well, I’ve got the reason to say this. Bacteria reside everywhere; using a product for longer times can tend to accumulate these bacteria in your product. So, it is recommended to replace your eye makeup every three months for better hygiene and healthier eyes.

7- Remove makeup carefully

Before removing your makeup, make sure you take off your lenses. After removing lenses, you can use lid wipes to remove makeup from your eyes as any residues can lead to irritation and itching in your eyes.

Takeaway Note!

No matter if you wear contacts for vision correction or you love to try different eye colors, contacts require precautions. Especially if you are a make-up lover, you can try several things to keep your eyes safe. However, if you notice any problem with your eyes, make sure you immediately seek out help from a good eye specialist.

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