Top 5 Reasons You Should Apply to a Caribbean Medical School

The medical profession is one of the most respected professions in the world. In many countries, people wish for their children to become a doctor.

But the competition is very tough when it comes to getting admission in a medical school. In the U.S alone, less than half of all the applications are accepted. Many brilliant students give up their dreams because they can’t make it to the final list of the selected candidates.

Most of the students who give up don’t know that they have other options. If you are one of them then don’t let yourself down. You have a great chance of becoming a great medical professional in the future by getting yourself into a medical school in the Caribbean.

There are many myths about medical schools in the Caribbean, but here will discuss the top reasons you should apply to a Caribbean medical school.

Holistic Evaluation

The medical schools in the U.S require MCAT score. After you pass that test, even then you are not able to get a seat because of the extremely low acceptance rate.

You will be surprised by hearing that most of the medical schools in the Caribbean don’t even require an MCAT test. According to them, academic qualifications are not a true indicator of a person’s abilities.

These medical schools conduct interviews for the selection process.

Acceptance Rates

Like stated earlier, the acceptance rate in the U.S is very low in medical schools. The national average is 4 out of 10. Which means that only 4 students are selected out of 10 candidates. Similarly, Harvard only accepts 1 out of 25.

On the other hand, the acceptance rate is higher in the Caribbean. The candidates who were rejected by the U.S schools can easily get admission. All they need is to find the best Caribbean medical school and consider themselves in.

Rolling Admissions

If you couldn’t make it to the U.S medical schools or you missed the deadline, you have to wait for a complete cycle to able to apply again. This period is a full year and it is a lot of time which can go wasted.

But in the Caribbean, medical schools have two or three intakes a year. It saves your valuable year and you have better chances of being selected.

Accelerated Study

The program duration is way shorter in the Caribbean medical schools as compared to the U.S schools. It could save you a year or two and a lot of money. You can also start practicing sooner as the medical schools in the Caribbean offer accelerated programs.

Clinical Rotations in the United States

Another great reason for choosing top Caribbean medical schools is that they have an extensive network of clinical affiliates in the U.S. There are special slots reserved for the students.

Yes, you have guessed the right, you will have the same clinical experience and exposure as your counterparts. Moreover, these medical schools have clinical sites through the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India.

So if you are a victim of extensive competition in the home country then you should consider the medical schools in the Caribbean.






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