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Top 5 Visitor Management Software’s for Restaurants

BusinessTop 5 Visitor Management Software’s for Restaurants

Every forward-looking restaurant needs a good visitor management system to automate digital reception and streamline the visitor management process on their premises. This will enable the restaurant to create a good first impression on their guests as well as enhance safety and security in their building. In this article, we review 5 leading visitor management software solutions that you can consider for your establishment’s needs:


piLOBI automates the procedures used to identify, track, and manage visitors to an enterprise. Its key functionalities include registration management, guest check-in, emergency evacuation, and notifications. The software is ideal for firms of all sizes and allows you to recycle provided IDs by automating the QR codes issued to certain visitors. This enables companies to print guest badges with their credentials to enable staff members to identify visitors.

piLOBI also allows you to efficiently manage facial captures, company-sanctioned entry, and digital signatures. The platform’s dashboard helps you to visualize guest metrics and get insights into previous and new visitors. Let’s look at other piLOBI features and benefits:

Reduces Workload

The software minimizes the reception workload by streamlining front desk management. This allows your company to deploy your reception employees to handle other areas to boost productivity.

Digital/Facial Capture and Badge Printing

With piLOBI, you can print guest badges that contain full details about them. Further, the application’s digital signature and facial capture functions help in the validation of each visitor’s identity.

Real-Time Security

piLOBI provides an additional layer of protection to prevent unwanted people from entering your premises. The program sends real-time notifications and alerts to hosts to inform them when guests arrive.

Customizable Check-In

You can regularly update and service the tool’s check-in process to effectively manage visitor flow and experience.

Affordable Pricing Packages

The vendor offers cost-efficient pricing plans for budgets of all sizes. From the Basic plan to the Enterprise package, you can select a suitable tool for your business needs.


The visitor is a cloud-hosted visitor management system that can be used by businesses like hospitals, hotels, and salons, besides restaurants. The platform can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. Its main features allow you to print guest badges, handle visitor dashboard, display your establishment’s terms and conditions, and automate digital reception and check-in processes. 

With Visitor, you can deliver invites to guests, register them, and use their contact details to automate check-in. The application’s dashboard permits you to set custom fields for check-in forms, analyze visitor details, and gather feedback from them.


iLobby is a cloud-hosted visitor management software solution that is ideal for organizations in the government, education, and manufacturing sectors, besides restaurants. Its chief capabilities include reports, visitor dashboard, badge printing, legal document signing, notifications, and visitor registration.

In addition, iLobby presents evacuation alerts, QR codes for regular visitors that allows them to re-use their badge, pre-registration, and image capturing tools. You can generate monthly, weekly, and daily visitor reports for compliance adherence and audit purposes. The program can work in offline mode in places without internet connectivity.


Greetly can streamline visitor management in restaurants and other businesses. It automates the data capture procedure and permits guests to enter the reason for the visit utilizing a mobile device. You can easily collect and record digital signatures for NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), as well as waivers, photos, and other files.

Greetly informs the host through Slack, email, text message, or phone call when the visitor arrives. Cloud-hosted log stores visitors’ sign-in and check-out details. The vendor offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and the system integrates with hardware like badge printers and tablets. Support is provided via online chat, phone, and email.

ALICE Receptionist

ALICE Receptionist is an on-premise and cloud-based visitor management system ideal for restaurants and businesses of any size. Its key capabilities include visitor registration, event management, company directory, badge printing, and motion detection.

With this software, you can automate your firm’s visitor managementprocedure. The application’s motion detection tool sends a personal message to visitors when they enter the detection area. This program integrates with popular communication solutions like Microsoft Skype, Avaya, and Cisco. The vendor offers multilingual support which makes the platform ideal for international businesses.

About piLOBI

As this article shows, piLOBI is one of the top visitor management software systems in the market. You get advanced features at an affordable price which means you obtain full value for your money. Contact us today to install our competent platform to improve security and efficiency in your restaurant or other business.

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