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Top 6 Biggest Magical Gardens in the World

TravelTop 6 Biggest Magical Gardens in the World

If you really love flowers, gardens and gardening then you must wanna know about the biggest magical gardens in the world. So let’s get started with the list here.

6. Isola Bella

Isola Bella Italian for the beautiful island. It is an island found in northern Italy that is only 320 meters long by 400 meters wide. Once it was home to a tiny fishing village but was replaced with a small palace and gardens built by a nobleman named Carlo the third. now the island is essentially a floating garden complete with tourists gardens and elaborate stone sculptures.

5. Dumbarton Oaks Park

In Washington DC’s neighborhood of Georgetown lies Dumbarton oaks a huge historic site that once belonged to the American diplomat Robert Woods Bliss. The estate takes up 54 acres including a huge estate that holds museum collections and even concerts. The gardens are a 27-acre terraced garden that crosses streams ponds and includes several fountains and stairways. It has since been converted into the Dumbarton Oaks Park and is maintained by the city.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens

the Royal Botanic Gardens in the q district of London are comprised of 326 acres of land. The garden was first established in 1759 and has since been designated as a World Heritage Site. It has greenhouses and tents specialized climatic zones that house a variety of plants that would otherwise not be able to live and the normal climate of London. There is also a fifty-nine feet high treetop walkway they let you take in all the beautiful plant biomes in the area.

3. Yuyuan Garden

the Yuyuan garden is believed to be built in the Ming Dynasty more than four centuries ago. It is a four-acre garden built in the traditional Chinese style. Inside are the delicate rock, tree arrangements, dragon sculptures, bridges, and serene ponds. The garden has a rich history of being closed renovated and reopened again with the rise and fall of families and owners. It suffered severe damage after several civil wars but after the Shanghai liberation of 1956, the city government began renovated to bring the Yuyuan back to its mystical glory. In 1961 it was reopened a final time and has been open since.

2. Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto

The Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto is located in the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy. It covers 40 acres of land and protects 20,000 varieties of plants from thousands of different species. The garden also contains statues, terraces, waterfalls, ponds, 4.3 mile-long walkways that take you on a tour of the thousands of flowers. The garden doesn’t even charge for entry. From spring to autumn you can walk through the garden for a completely free. By the way, the people in Italy love flowers. If you have beloved ones there then you can have flower delivery in Italy.

1. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden in Minneapolis is often considered one of the most interesting and beautiful spots in Minnesota. The centerpiece of the garden is the spoon bridge and cherry an iconic sculpture from Klaus Oldenburg. The 11-acre garden features more than 40 different works from the local Walker Art Center plants all over and Ann Arbor and flower garden within.

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