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Top 7 Ways to Boost UX of Your E-commerce Site/App

TechnologyTop 7 Ways to Boost UX of Your E-commerce Site/App

Do you want to know something interesting?

According to Forrester Research, you can now boost consumer conversion rates of your eCommerce websites and online stores up to 400%!

How do you ask? Simply, by designing a frictionless UX design of your e-commerce platforms. The E-commerce universe is highly competitive in 2020. Millions of businesses are fighting for online recognition and attracting customers. The simplest way to make sure customers keep coming back to your brand is to provide them with a memorable and pleasant online user experience (UX).

Here is how to improve user experience of your ecommerce website or app

Did you know, research shows that by 2040, almost 95 percent of the purchases will be online and e-commerce based? To help you improve the e-commerce user experience, here are 7 essential UX tips to help you expand your business and increase revenue.

Focus on Functionality

When it comes to app development, you will naturally want to design something that is visually pleasing to look at and grabs maximum user attention. While it is essential that your website is aesthetically appealing, you must focus on functionality and navigation. Functionality is the foundation of a good UX.

The more seamless and comfortable it is to navigate, the more conversions you are likely to get.

For example, Apple’s website is an excellent example of clear navigation and understanding, with a perfectly designed navigation bar. If you want an online platform like Apple’s, get help from experts to increase conversion and sales.

Apple mac page
Apple mac page

Personalize the Experience

In the age of digital commerce, personalization is one of the most powerful ways to establish a meaningful relationship with customers. Around 74 percent of users feel frustrated when online content is not personalized. Help people find products that they are looking for. Here are two primary ways to personalize UX to boost sales:

  1. Time-based division: In this method, you can alter your messages and personalize depending upon the time the user is visiting your online store. Change CTA accordingly.
  2. Geo-targeting: In this method, you personalize your website content depending upon the geographical location of the user. For example, if a user from the USA visits the site in December, you can display boots and outdoor jackets. If a customer from Sydney logs onto the website at the same time, you show summer apparel and sunglasses.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

We are living in a world of smartphones and tablet PCs. Currently, one of the topmost UX demands is mobile optimization, making it possible for consumers to multitask while shopping. Everyone is using mobile devices, so that is exactly where you should be. According to Statista, mobile devices account for 52.6 percent of the global website traffic.

Consult with a mobile app development company in Dubai to design an interface that works perfectly on desktops, mobile phones, and new foldable technology. Don’t lose customers because of poor UI and UX.

Improve Loading Speed

We are living in a digital world where people’s expectations regarding loading speed are going higher and higher. Viewers expect rapid responses. Statistics show that as the loading time of the page exceeds 1-5 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 90 percent. So, if your app or website fails to upload quickly, you are going to lose customers.

Read “How to Increase the Loading Speed of Your Website” to improve the loading speed of your e-commerce platforms.  

Great Product Description

Before buying a product from an online store, customers tend to examine it thoroughly. Therefore, you need to use compelling and concise product descriptions, along with engaging photographs of the product. Make sure all the details of the product are visible and comprehensive.

Statistics show that more than 70 percent of the customers prefer information in bullets. So use bullet points for product descriptions to increase conversion. 

Optimize Site for Visual Search

One of the most frustrating things for customers is seeing something on social media or in real and not being able to find it online. It is really hard to find something online when you cannot describe it. This is where visual search comes in. Visual search allows customers to take a photo of a pair of shoes or something and upload it to the website to find something similar.

Top visual content websites like Pinterest, Google Lens, and Bing use this function to make it easier for users to find what they need. By optimizing your content for visual search on your online stores, you can not only boost UX but also stand out from your competitors.

A Seamless Checkout

Last but not least, make your checkout procedure seamless. If you focus all your efforts on the above aspects of UX of your e-commerce platform but fail to optimize your checkout process, you are likely to fail in your UX enhancement strategy. The following are some of the fundamental tips to avoid checkout and cart mistakes:

  1. Minimize the number of steps needed from product selection to the final payment.
  2. Redesign your checkout page to remove clutter, and making it clean and easier to navigate.
  3. Inform your customers of the number of steps left to finish checking out.

Optimize UX to Increase Sales

What do Apple, Amazon, and Uber have in common?

They are successful brands that focus on the customer-centric approach. When your e-commerce platform is designed with an enhanced User Experience (UX), people will come for more. A clean navigational interface and easy and secure checkout, not only boosts sales but also reduce masses of cart abandonments.

So, leverage user experiences to generate more sales and achieve business growth.

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