Top Most Scenic Places to Explore By Car in the USA

Top Most Scenic Places to Explore By Car in the USA

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So you have recently landed in the USA and now looking for some very exciting places and sites to visit in the US, then stay tuned because this guide will direct you to some of the best and most liked places tourists or even US residents love to see. Some people who have acquaintances in the USA normally travel depending on them. They are accompanied by their acquaintances and so rely on them for traveling and transport. Little do you know that you can rent a car too. Down below are some breath-taking sites to explore in the US.

1. Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Coast Highway, California
Pacific Coast Highway, California 

When nature is humble in a country, it blesses them with beautiful roads and serene sites. The pacific coast highway is located on the highway of California. The roadside boundaries are fully covered under a blanket of crystal blue water that sparks and shines beautifully during the golden hours of the day. The Rocky Mountains and palm trees lined up on the way make the pacific coast one of the eye-catching views in California. If you have booked a car rental service and a tourism guide-driver, he will surely take you to this destination. If you are planning to rent a car in California, check out prices here before you go.

2. Arizona Highway

Arizona Highway in USA
Arizona Highway in USA

Those who enjoy long drives either alone or with their partner can offer themselves this ride to the Arizona Highway. It is a long road with heavy mountains aligned sideways. The road ends where the two giant red rocks, the Cathedral rock and Bell rock, meet. The best means of transport you can use to buy a rent a car that would just cost you around 20-25$. The best time to visit this scenic place is in the daytime. However, if you go in the middle of the night, it will still be as peaceful as it is during the daytime. It should top your “checklist” of tourism in the USA. 

3. Colorado: Pikes Peak Highway

Colorado: Pikes Peak Highway

Waiting for the snow season? Treat yourself by visiting the Colorado Pikes Peak Highway, which is seeded at a high altitude. Not to forget you must hire a car rental service with a profound driver as the roads are quite dangerous. 

The entire road is lined by snow-covered land, which is a striking sight to see. This road is famous for selling some delicious doughnuts. Not just that, but the Colorado roadside also is a perfect spot to enjoy time with a sizzling hot cup of coffee. The shivers and chills you will feel because of the high altitude will cease as soon as the first sip of coffee goes down the throat. 

4. Florida: Seven Mile Bridge

Florida: Seven Mile Bridge

Your USA tour trip is just incomplete if you have not gone through Florida’s Seven Mile Bridge. It is the longest bridge in the USA and is attractive because it is surrounded by oceanic blue water on both sides. Don’t forget to take your cycle while crossing the bridge! It is the most liked activity in that route. 

Final verdict: 

Every trip feels good and memorable if you have a reliable transportation system. You should choose some very authentic car rental companies for your trip. The reason being is that they have good services and drivers that are well acknowledged about all the routes. Only then is it possible to have a tour of your dream. Search for and book a cheap rental car with Autoprio in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Manhattan, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas

Happy journey!

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