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Top Tips for a Faster Computer

TechnologyTop Tips for a Faster Computer

There are ways to speed up a computer that are not common knowledge. These tips can be applied by the non-expert and can make a real difference to the user.

You’ve defragmented your hard disk and applied the Disk Cleanup facility in Windows. In addition, you have removed unused programs, but you are still unhappy with the speed of your computer. Before you call tech support or shell out yet more money for upgrades or even computer repairs, try these insider tricks for a quicker PC.

Desktop Spring Clean

A cluttered Desktop, full of shortcuts and files, will mean a slowdown temporarily every time your computer refreshes them. Just create a new folder on your desktop by right-clicking an empty area and clicking New and then Folder. Then left-click and drag your shortcuts and files into the new folder. Choose those that you use infrequently, keeping the more important ones on your screen. Rename it “My Shortcuts” or something similar, and then sit back and notice the difference. If you have mistakenly deleted some important files then don’t worry as data recovery is still possible. Keep focusing on making your PC clean.

Browser Change

If you experience a slow down on the internet, computer repair may be totally unnecessary. Older versions of Internet Explorer could be the problem. Switch to Internet Explorer 9 and you will see a big change in the speed. Google Chrome or Firefox may be even faster browsers on your PC.

Too Graphic?

Your computer has to work hard to use all the graphics in Windows. Disabling this drain on your resources will boost your speed.

In Windows XP, right-click on the Desktop and select Properties, then select Windows Classic in the Themes tab, next press Apply. Select the Appearance tab and click Effects. You can then untick the box “Use the following transition effect…”, “Show shadows under menus” and also “Show Windows contents while dragging”. Then click OK twice to apply the changes.

In Vista right-click again on the Desktop, select Personalize and choose Windows Classic. Click on Effects and clear the two options on the bottom. Finish by clicking Ok twice.

In Windows 7 right-click on an empty space on your Desktop and select Personalize. Select Windows 7 Basic from the scroll down menu, or even Windows Classic if you want more speed.

Tune-up for a faster Computer

There is also the option of using a tune-up program before you go down the route of computer repair. These applications are inexpensive, and provide a means to clean and defrag your computer. You don’t need to be an expert to use them.

A Fitter and Faster PC

It is always a balancing act deciding when to repair, upgrade or replace a computer. However, these tips may save you time and money, and those commodities are in short supply nowadays.

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