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Top Ways To Integrate Hologram Technology In Your Events

TechnologyTop Ways To Integrate Hologram Technology In Your Events

We are living in a world where everyone is connected, and people are closer than ever before, and real-time information is within everyone’s grasp. If you are familiar with the “Star Trek” saga, you must have seen how the Starship Enterprise crew used 3d hologram projectors to communicate. Also, remember how the 3D shark jumped out of the billboard in “Back to the Future II”!

What we used to see in movies and blockbuster films is possible in the real world. Holographs are not just science fiction anymore, and now can be seen in live events and concerts captivating visitors. Holograms have been a dream of the entertainment industry as well as consumers.

4 Best Real-World Applications of Hologram Technology in Events

For years, the idea of holograms and creating 3D images in the thin air seemed close to impossible. It was one of those dreams that everyone wished to experience. Finally, however, the dream of holograms and AR has become a reality.

The following are some of the best world applications of holographic technology for your events to transform the way people consume and interact with media at your events.

Table Holograms

During your childhood, you must have seen tv shows where a team of superheroes is discussing their strategies to defeat evil on a table that displays the maps of the city! It was magical seeing them interact with the hologram table by making swishing moves of their hands, like magic! Guess what! Hologram technology has made that dream a reality.

Table holograms can create stunning visuals on a flat surface that can be seen without 3D glasses. Imagine your food moving and playing around on your table at an event! You must have heard of the Le Petit Chef that uses hologram technology to help create a magical dining experience for its guests. The restaurant uses animations to tell stories on dining tables.

Animations to tell stories on dining tables

You can use this technology in your events to revamp the dining experience for your guests. The first video of Le Petit Chef bringing their dishes to life gained almost 4.3 million views on social media that they had to come up with new animations that people loved. Wow, your audience with something new in your next event!

Fairy Lights

This is one of the most exciting holographic technology ever! These small plasma fairy lights can be touched and FELT! Imagine light bursting into life and flying before you!

imagine seeing small fairy lights soaring in the sky when you walk into an event venue. These are the most magical AR systems used in the entertainment industry. You can touch these holograms and change patterns e.g., heart shapes, starts, etc.

Fairy Lights

3D “Digital Resurrection”

Some of the latest holographic technology allows you to create 3D images in the thin air. These systems can be installed anywhere in your event platform to create holographic displays throughout the event that is accessible to a wide audience. One of the most famous examples of the use of this technology is the recent event of Circus Roncalli, as shown below.

This German Circus became the first in the world to use holographic animals instead of real animals and it looked absolutely magical. The circus used 11 projectors and created 3D holograms of different animals including horses, elephants, and even fish, and the results were absolutely breath-taking.

3D “Digital Resurrection”

If you want to mesmerize people at your events just like this circus performance, we suggest consulting event companies in Abu Dhabi to help you create spectacular holographic designs and displays for increasing the wow factor of your next event.

3D Wall Projection Mapping

3D projection mapping lets you bring ordinary objects to life using colorful 3D displays. Projection mapping is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that projects imagery onto 3D objects, as opposed to flat screens. Imagine your event platform coming into life right before your eyes! One amazing use of this technology in events is shown below.

Think of projection mapping as a painting with light – adding colors and movement to ordinary objects. When it comes to this technology, your options are limitless! You can create 3D displays for your guests without the need for 3D glasses. Some of the events for inspiration are:

3D Wall Projection Mapping

Hologram – It is more than just fiction!

AR is starting to play a big part in events. By using dynamic and interactive digital holographic technology in your events, you can create an everlasting magical experience for your guests. It transforms a traditional event into something more interactive and immersive thereby giving you the public attention that your event deserves.

If you want to keep your event alive in people’s minds, then design an event with magical holograms and 3D projection mapping to show the world’s future of events!

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