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5 Trending Jewelleries That Are Popular Among Celebrities in the UK – 2021

Fashion5 Trending Jewelleries That Are Popular Among Celebrities in the UK – 2021

The best promotion that jewellery trends get is when celebrities wear them. For every award function, Oscars, and on the red carpet, we often see celebrities flaunting the best o dresses and jewelleries that remain in style until another bid event. But what sort of jewellery do celebrities themselves like? Well, to find that out, you’re going to have to read on. Here we have a list of 5 trending jewellery items that a few British celebrities simply adore and are often seen wearing.

Chain Links

Chain links are very simple yet delicately elegant jewellery designs used for making bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. As the name suggests, oval chain links of different metals and different designs are entwined in each other to form a beautiful arrangement of the jewellery piece. The chains can be smooth, entangled, decorated, bordered, curved, etc.

Diamond Lariat Necklace

Kate Winslet was seen wearing this almost invisible beauty at an Award function recently. The diamond Lariat Necklace is one of the most delicate and thin pieces of jewellery ever to be made. It has a fragile chain in rose gold or white gold that forms a Y shape around the neck. Closer to the neck is a small pendant either of diamond or any other stud that sits delicately on the chain. It gives the neck a very feminine and elongated look. Kate Winslet sure as hell rocked the necklace like no other.

Hidden Halo ring

The Hidden halo engagement ring is so common that not one but many celebrities in and out of the UK own it and have flaunted it time and again. The ring has a beautiful big centre diamond and a smaller circle of diamonds beneath it, giving it a floating appearance. The band is usually of platinum or white/ rose gold. The ring itself has a very royal and traditional look desired by not just celebrities but also by common women.

Ear cuff earrings

Emma Watson gave life to the trend of ear cuff earrings all over again. Since last year, this heartthrob from the UK has been seen sporting a variety of cuff-style earrings covering the upper half of the ear rather than the lower. A few designs have been really popular, out of which one was a fully diamond-studded cuff over the ear. Another was a series of three hoo-like studded cuffs that can be worn separately on the upper part of the ear. The design looks absolutely smashing and will be the crowning glory of your evening party dress for a cocktail event or a fancy dinner.

Vintage diamond drop earrings

Diamond drop earrings may not be new, but they are, in fact, timeless, as is Helena Bonham Carter of the UK. The well-known celebrity is often seen sporting the most beautiful diamond drops. They are sometimes transparent and sometimes with dazzling colours. Some of them even have floors to them. She was recently seen wearing black diamond drop earrings with three floors. Each had a diamond larger than the previous, reaching her neck almost. They look absolutely splendid and have been in demand for quite some time among women now.

The demand and price of these jewellery items instantly skyrocket the moment celebrities are seen wearing them. Often actresses also are then the brand ambassadors of these items. But the exorbitant price does not deter the public from buying it. You can find these are more designs at nearby stores and big brand websites too. If you’re looking to buy the hidden halo ring as an engagement ring London for your partner, then don’t forget to check the designs at Hatton Garden stores.

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