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Trophy Mistakes You Should Avoid

BusinessTrophy Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you planning to award a trophy at your events? These are some things to consider while giving out medals and commonly made mistakes when giving out awards.

If you run corporate events, charity events, or school competitions, awards in the form of trophies are things to consider. However, many institutions and companies make fundamental mistakes in giving awards that may get ignored by the receivers.

However, trophy mistakes are avoidable to make your event a success. It’s essential to take a few minutes to check that everything is in order early. Being able to detect and correct the mistakes early will go a long way to make your work easy.

Below are some trophy mistakes that should get avoided while presenting or selecting awards.

Giving Broken or Damaged Awards

Make orders for your rewards early. Ordering awards some weeks before the main event will make sure they get to you earlier. Suppose you order the awards before the event gives you ample time to go through each box and ensure that they are in excellent condition. If one appears bent, broken, or damaged, you will have enough time to correct it or, better yet, order a new one.

Awards that Have Wrong Spellings

You should check the spelling of each contestant’s name or writings going to an award. This way, you will notice any error before you order the characters to the engraver, which in turn prints the names on the awards. Once the orders arrive, ensure that no words get misspelled.

Too Wordy

When it comes to awards, keep the words at a minimum. Do not be a storyteller on the awards. Short phrases like “Best Team player 2021” will serve a greater purpose than a paragraph; if it’s up to a number engraved on the trophy, that’s acceptable. But it would help if you kept in mind that less is more.

Achievement gets a Less Impactful Award

When awarding, make sure the award matches the achievement presented. Do not give a tiny desk plaque to someone retiring as a CEO for 20 years in a company. Create an impactful trophy with a plaque at the bottom that they will present at the fireplace with pride.

As your company looks at buying awards, make sure you look at these factors.

Prize Giving Ceremony

If you go through the trouble of handpicking good awards, please put up a show for it. Organize a celebration party where you give the recognition and credits. It might seem tacky, but the gesture and sincerity of the process always warm the receiver’s heart.

Award-giving ceremonies done in the presence of other workmates are impactful. Awards motivate other workmates to become better performers in the company.

Awards are a sure way to keep the work ethic and ethos. Suppose you are a manager or have a senior position in your company. In that case, you should consider awarding people in a ceremony to show how much value they are in a company.

Cheap Awards

Award giving is supposed to be a unique way of showing appreciation and excellence. Do not reduce the value of appreciation for the people receiving awards.

Age of the Recipients

One of the main reasons people look at when giving awards is age. Consideration of awards when awarding children should be age-appropriate for them to enjoy, while for young adults and adults, they should be prominent.

Weight of Trophy

Many institutions never put considerable thought into the weight of the trophy. The importance of the medal has significance to the recipients of the trophy. It shows how much you appreciate them. Heavy awards such as shields or a trophy indicate how the receiver is valued in a company or institution.

The Trophy Size

According to an article on lean more, a significant award is a golden standard that differentiates and shows the difference between recipients’ results. A good example is when we award trophies between one, two, and three, the medals should be different.

If you want to get high-quality awards, let us help you get your best fit to give accolades to accomplishments.

Conclusion for Avoiding Trophy Mistakes

Overall, spending money on good awards is a good idea to motivate your workers and make sure they feel appreciated. Make sure the trophies have good wording, minimal text, good size, and perfect condition.

Author- Ellen

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