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TV to DVR – Record Your Favorite TV Show

TechnologyTV to DVR - Record Your Favorite TV Show

Viewers can still watch their favorite TV show even if time and location would not allow. A DVR will automatically record one’s favorite TV show just like you record live videos from your CCTV.

The TV with a good tv aerial installation can provide relaxation and enjoyment to people, but lifestyles and busy work schedules can prevent a viewer from watching a favorite TV show or movie. Missing a favorite series or a “can’t miss it” movie can be quite disappointing. Acquiring a DVR will allow a viewer to automatically record the show and view it at a more convenient time.


A digital video recorder (DVR) or personal video recorder (PVR) will instantly record TV shows and store it in its hard drive for later playback. The DVR will record video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card, or another memory medium within a device. It can schedule multiple program recordings in advance. The DVR has a timer that automatically switches the tuner to the right channel and turns on the hard drive when the program comes on, all without having to turn the TV on.

Stand Alone DVR

Consumers can purchase a stand-alone DVR independently and hook it up to supplement a cable TV package. Standalone DVRs typically have hard drives where recorded programs are stored and typically require a monthly subscription fee beyond its initial purchase price. Some DVR units can have a DVD player incorporated into the unit which helps consumers use space more efficiently.

Set-Top Box

Cable or satellite companies offer bundle packages that use a set-top box with a built-in DVR. The DVR forms part of the box that controls channels and retrieves show schedules. This feature can mean less space and clutter plus one less remote to keep track of. Depending on the type of package offered by a cable or satellite TV company, consumers may or may not have to pay extra for the DVR set-top box. Cable companies have advanced their service by leaps and bounds, they have found ways to allow subscribers to program or schedule recordings remotely via cellphones and laptops.

Computer DVR

Viewers can record shows directly on the computer’s hard drive via a TV tuner card. TV tuner cards come in two forms–PCI card and external USB box. These gadgets will allow a viewer to record, pause, and rewind full-motion videos including TV shows. A PCI card is advisable for desktop computers while an external USB box will do well for a laptop. TV tuner cards come with individual software that has a user-friendly interface.

It takes a little time to learn a few technical tricks like recording TV shows and one might feel a bit of hesitation to know the ins and outs, but a little effort and a little time can go a long way especially if there are more relaxation and enjoyment to be had.

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