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10 Romantic Valentine’s day cake design ideas

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Can anybody live without love? Well, we all know the answer is no! And what’s more special than a day which is especially dedicated to celebrating love and happiness. We try our best to make this day special for our loved ones, be it our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or even our parents. From fancy 5 stardates to long drives, from partying till 2 am to cooking dinner at home, we all have a unique way to express our feelings and gratitude to the people we love. And no matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate it with, Valentine’s Day is always incomplete without a cake. A great valentine’s cake design makes it even more special.

Here we have come up with a list of 10 really romantic cake design ideas which are sure to bring your inner Romeo out:

Heart-shaped Red Velvet Cake:

This simple and divine cake is a great pick to celebrate your Valentine’s day. A heart is meant to sew two souls together, and the red color is the color of love and Valentine’s day. On top of that, the deliciousness of red velvet is enough to bless your taste buds with a perfect blend of flavors and softness. The hidden layers of chocolate and vanilla inside the cake are enough to spice up your day and give you a treat of sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. You should keep the design simple as it is already very beautiful.

The castle of love cake:

love cake

Unleash the hidden artist in you and dive straight into a Shakespeare play by curating the best love castle cake for your queen and you. A castle-shaped cake with two fondant lovers can be a great design idea for Valentine cake to reflect your love for your wife or your girlfriend. This cake can portray that you feel like a king when you are with your partner. Choose your favorite frosting, be it the bright white, red, pink, purple color, or bold combinations of white and dark chocolate colors with red berries.

Gift box cake:

love cake

Surprising your partner or your lover with something unique is the theme of the day. Get a gift shaped designer cake with a ribbon frosting this Valentine’s day and surprise them, whether to cut it or open it. Choose the color of the cake as you like and get the customizations as you want. Be it a polka dot design wrapper on the cake, a small edible greeting card or an edible ribbon.

Rose Swirl cake:

Nothing is more beautiful and romantic than edible roses that too when they taste like cake. Dreamy? Isn’t it. Rose swirl cakes are the new talk of the town not just because of its breathtaking design but also the royal aura it carries. This is such a romantic idea for Valentine’s cake. You can place the ring on the top of this cake to propose to your partner or even gift them one. You can get the rose swirl cake in any color you want, but the best would be: Red, pink, Lilac or white.

Silver pearl cake:

Aiming for everything royal and authentic? Bow down to the royal fondant beauty covered in edible sparkling pearls and a beautiful ribbon placed at the heart of the cake. A silver pearl cake is a great pick for that classy couple who finds beauty in everything minimalistic and share the love for pearls and elegance. This cake is usually a 2-3 tier cake, and you can customize it accordingly whether you need chocolate underneath or a pineapple-flavored bread inside.

silver cake

Rainbow Cake:

Always had a thing for beautiful vibrant colors? Nothing is cuter than making your Valentine’s day full of pop art and rainbow colors. Get a creamy layered rainbow cake for Valentine’s day and confess your partner how you couldn’t choose the perfect one color, so you bought them all for the day. This unique cake not only looks jaw-dropping but is actually very moist and tasty. Plus you get a varied taste of all the flavors.

Photo cake:

Photo cakes are special in their own way. Not just because it has your unique picture printed on the cake but because no one else will ever cut the same cake like yours. With the growing trend of photo cakes, people are going crazy over such cakes because it’s an edible feature of photos. You can get your most romantic shot with your partner printed on the cake and get it as Valentine’s special delight cake. This cake is sure to take you down the memory lane and give you a sweet lovey-dovey experience.

Emoji cake:

If you and your partner chat a lot online or if you both met online for the first time and fell in love with each other, then emoji cake is the one for you. In this type of unique cake you can get all your favorite emojis made on the cake and that too edible! You can choose to decorate the cake with your favorite slang and the cute words you both use to call each other. This cake is not only very unique but is also a way to glorify your relationship on how you appreciate your love and care for each other.

Chocolate lace cake:

Ever heard of an edible chocolate lace other a lace dress? Well, the chocolate lace cake is enough to give you those cake daydreams with its scrumptious flavors and incredible design. Mostly the chocolate lace is wrapped around a normal cake and can take the simple cake design to an elegant and classy one. This chocolate lace cake design is again a great idea for this Valentine’s day to make things hot and romantic with your lover.

Designer luxury brands cake:

This cake is the best fit for that extra brand-conscious luxurious couple who prefers nothing less than Chanel or Louis Vuitton. You can get an all luxury brands fondant cake for Valentine’s Day which has a mini edible Burberry bag, Gucci belt, Coco Chanel perfume, etc. These luxury bespoke cakes not only look so insta-worthy, but your spouse will also appreciate your idea of unique thinking.

luxury brands cake

So these were the 10 unique cake design ideas to make your Valentine’s day amazing and sweeter. Do tell us which idea you liked the most.

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