10 Fool Proof Ways To secure your family from accidents

10 Fool-Proof Ways To Secure Your Family From Accidents

Family. It is important for everyone, regardless of how old you are and where in the world you reside. One of the biggest nightmares of people is having something happen to their loved ones.

Yet, sadly we live in a world where accidents are common. The statistics regarding it are quite daunting.

For starters, according to Driver Knowledge, the US alone witnesses over 6 million car accidents per year. And over 90 of these accidents are fatal every day. As per the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, injury is considered to be the leading cause of death among children. And every year, 6000 fatalities occur due to home accidents.

The purpose of sharing these statistics with you is not to scare you. Instead, we are doing so to showcase how real the danger of accidents is. Therefore, to protect your family, you must take certain measures.

Here are foolproof ways to secure family from accidents.

1. Always buckle up

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the most basic rules of driving. Yet, you will be surprised just how many drivers and front-seat passengers ignore this.

According to NSC, every 14 seconds, someone ends up suffering from a disabling injury in the US. Some of the effects of such accidents can be minimized by wearing seat belts.

2. Reduce distractions

When you multitask while driving, your response rate tends to decline. You are likely to miss out on driving cues; you otherwise would have taken into account. This is why texting while driving is prohibited.

injury crash causes - securing family

Yet, there are various other distractions that people face when behind the wheel. 

For instance, your children might require someone to entertain and calm them. Make sure that you aren’t the one assuming this role.

If you have small children, don’t travel alone with them. Have someone with you for assistance so that you never lose focus away from the road.

3. Seek the right attorney

In case you or your loved one does get into an accident, you might want to seek help from a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are not wronged. It also guarantees that you don’t have to bear the debilitating costs of healthcare.

However, make sure you select the right lawyer. For instance, any car accident winter park FL resident experiences, they should seek help from lawyers of the same locality for better services.

4. Use Child Safety Seats

According to research, the use of child safety seats in a car can curb fatal injuries in children by 70 percent. Merely installing a car seat is not enough. You must also make sure that it is installed properly. Over 80 percent of people don’t do so.

Install the child safety seat in the middle back seat. Drive slowly and be more alert when children are on board. Their safety is in your hands.

5. Wear a helmet

Head injuries can cause irreversible brain damage if they are severe. The problem with such injuries is that you can never predict their intensity. A similar incident cannot lead to a severe outcome for one person but can prove to be fatal for another.

Head injuries can occur when playing sports when driving motor vehicles or by simply falling from a height. While it can be difficult to prevent some of these incidents, wherever you can, wear a helmet.

This includes when driving a bike or when playing sports like hockey or baseball.

6. Maintain a safe distance between electronics and water in your house

Car accidents aren’t the only thing you need to secure family from. Instead, there are various things in your house alone that can cause injuries to people.

To ensure that your house upholds its image as a sanctuary for its inhabitants, maintain a safe distance between water and electronics. This is because in case the wire of electronics falls into water, people can get electrocuted.

Also, make sure that your electronics are beyond the reach of children.

7. Try and prevent poisoning

It is astounding just how common poisoning is in homes. In fact, according to NSC, poisoning is one of the leading causes of death in home accidents!

Poisoning can occur from cleaning products, medicines, pesticides, and poisonous houseplants. People age 25 to 44 are at most risk of such poisoning.

Always store your cleaning products away from food items. Put them in cabinets with safety latches so that young children cannot access them. Do the same for medicines as well.

8. Be careful near water

Children below the age of four are very susceptible to drowning. Every year, over 3000 deaths occur due to drowning.

Be careful near water -  secure family

To protect your family from such accidents, make sure you never leave your little ones unsupervised near a pool or even a bathtub. Fence your swimming pool and install a cover that inhibits access to the water.

9. Be ready to handle fire

Invest in smoke detectors as well as fire extinguishers. This will allow you to act promptly in case a fire breaks out in your house.

Be ready to handle fire - securing family

But, merely equipping yourself with smoke detectors is not enough. You must periodically check that the smoke detectors are working smoothly or not. Change their batteries every six months. Teach your children how to call 911 if such incidents occur. Regardless of what their age is, they should know their last name and address.

On the preventive front, to protect your house from fire, ensure that all your electrical cords, power sockets, and appliances are in good condition.

10. Pay Attention

The best way to secure family from accidents is by paying attention to your surroundings. Whether it be a faulty appliance or a loose car seat, warning signs need to be acknowledged at the right time to prevent disasters.

Stay alert, and you will be able to protect yourself and your family.

Ending Remarks: You are ready to secure your family!

With these ten foolproof ways, you are ready to protect your family from any unfortunate accidents. Good luck!







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