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5 Reasons Why Drain Relining is Better than Other Plumbing Solutions

Home Improvement5 Reasons Why Drain Relining is Better than Other Plumbing Solutions

Living in Sydney comes with many perks. The capital of New South Wales offers plenty of job opportunities due to the numerous multinational corporations and small businesses that operate in the vicinity. The city also has innumerable attractions, including the world-famous Sydney Opera House. It makes houses in the city even more valuable. Because of this, homeowners must address minor house issues like plumbing problems adequately to avoid more significant repairs. So at the first sign of the problems, calling the experts for drain relining in Sydney should be a priority. 

Even the most expensive houses in Sydney deal with drain damages once in a while. But instead of the more costly and complicated drain replacement solutions, drain relining can solve your plumbing problems. If you want to have your drains fixed without other hassles, knowing more information about this plumbing solution will help you get these services. 

Drain Relining Procedures

The process of drain relining in Sydney involves the following steps: 

  • Inspection – Plumbers begin the drain relining procedure by thoroughly inspecting the drainage pipes in your property. But instead of excavating the pipes to see where the damages are, the plumbers use the CCTV survey technology to check out the insides of the pipes. It also helps determine the exact location of the damage and how much work needs to be done. 
  • Debris Cleaning – After the pipe inspection, the plumbers will move on to the cleaning process to remove any trash or debris that may obstruct the relining process. It usually removes tree root intrusions using a machine-operated cutter that can cut through concrete and steel. Then the plumbers will use high-pressure water better to flush off all the debris. This process is necessary to put a durable bond on the pipe wall. 
  • Prepare the Lining – During this stage, the plumbers will decide on the kind of pipelining that they will use and the number of liners needed to complete the task. It is an essential stage because there is a wide range of liners used for every situation. For example, flexible reliners are often preferred in curved pipes because it needs more steering. 
  • Installation – There are two ways to complete a drain relining process. The first is called inversion, where the resin is poured directly into the drain liner and repeatedly rolled for even distribution. Then it is inserted into the host pipe using inflated airbags to mould the lining to the pipe walls. The other way to install the drain lining is called the GFRP UV pipelining. In this process, the pipelining is pulled into the broken pipe through cables and winches. The two methods can guarantee the perfect fit of the lining into the pipe’s surface. 
  • Curing – Once the installation is completed, the plumber will set aside some time to let the resin harden. It will ensure that the lining will remain in place. Then, they can either let the lining cure by itself. The plumbers may also run hot water into the pipe if they want to speed up the process.

Drain Relining Explained 

The drain relining in Sydney process involves repairing the broken or damaged drain pipes using a new pipe that plumbers refer to as the lining. It is inserted inside a damaged pipe without the need to excavate. This method uses the principle of No-Dig techniques, also called the Trenchless technology, which provides little to no disturbances in the pipe’s surrounding areas.  

After accomplishing all these steps, the plumbers will begin to do the final re-inspection to see if everything is in place. Since no excavation is needed to fix the drains, you can start using all the drains in your Sydney home without any problems. 

Author Name – Ellen hollington

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