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Why Would You Use N95 Face Masks in Covid 19?

COVID-19Why Would You Use N95 Face Masks in Covid 19?

We are going through a pandemic period, and we have lost millions across the globe due to the coronavirus. The second wave of this virus has affected most of the countries, and people are still fighting against this virus to sustain. According to the WHO guidelines, using N95 face masks, hand sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing is important to prevent Covid-19. Frequent hand washes and maintaining physical distancing can help slow the spread of the coronavirus. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the general public can use triple-layer fabric masks to prevent this virus, but N95 face masks are mandatory for health workers.  

Also, WHO recommends N95 face masks for all Covid-19 patients and people who are attending and taking care of someone who may have COVID-19. These regulations were circulated during the first wave of the pandemic but since the production of N95 face masks was not up to the mark, following them seemed like a distant dream. But now, the production of these masks has increased considerably, and we can easily use such masks for your protection.     

Type of Mask You Should Wear

What is an N95 face mask? 

The N95 face mask is a type of respirator, and it can provide better protection than a surgical mask. It can filter out the large and small particles and droplets from the air that we breathe. Earlier, due to the short supply, these masks were used only by health care professionals, but now you can find them online. N95 masks are reusable, while the surgical ones are to be disposed of every day, and you need to be extra cautious while disposing of them. Buying surgical masks is an expensive deal, and you need to buy hundreds of masks to last through the pandemic. However, if you purchase an N95 mask, you can save a lot of money and also not be bothered about the frequent disposal.

There are some N95 face masks available that are designed with valves to help you breathe. But it is recommended to avoid such masks during the pandemic because their design is not effective and it does not control the transmission of the virus. Hence, these masks have been banned in some countries. 

What are the benefits of using N95 face masks? 

N95 masks have been tested, and it has been found that they can provide adequate protection during this pandemic. It can protect you from several diseases, such as H1N1 Avian Flu and SARS. According to the research by CDC, it has been found that N95 masks can protect you from tuberculosis as well. These masks have >99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency and 99.5% particle filtration efficiency. Apart from that, these masks have 99.9% viral filtration efficiency. 

N95 mask can reduce the transfer of microorganisms and protect you from airborne disease. Apart from that, N95 surgical masks have several benefits, and a few of them are stated below: 

  • N95 face masks are lightweight and are made with a soft inner layer. You need to wear a mask for hours during this pandemic, but with the level of comfort offered by N95 masks, they should be the first choice of the public.
  • These masks are designed with elastic head straps so that they can perfectly fit your face. You will not feel fatigued after wearing this mask for hours, and the nose clip helps cover your nasal area to prevent the coronavirus. 
  • These masks are available in combo packs, and you can purchase them to save a few extra bucks. N95 masks are designed with latex, PVC, and silicon-free materials. They are washable and reusable.

This was the fundamental data about texture face veils. In case you intend to get one, ensure that you keep the boundaries referenced above in your agenda. You should wash the texture veil after each utilization. To know whether the texture veil that you just purchased is the here is a stunt, light a flame or a lighter, wear your cover and attempt to blow the candle or the lighter. On the off chance that the fire goes off, that implies it’s anything but a reasonable texture cover. In the event that the fire is still on, that implies it is the best cover for you. So now, you can search for N95 face masks online or visit the nearest pharmacy and choose the best one. Make sure you choose genuine masks because there are some companies selling fake N95 masks. 

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