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4 Advantages of Why You Should Choose Wall Hung Vanities

Home Improvement4 Advantages of Why You Should Choose Wall Hung Vanities

Do you want to create space in your bathroom yet have enough storage space? Then you need wall-hung vanities. These wall-hung vanities have an aesthetic design, plus they offer you plenty of storage space.

What’s more? They are cheap. These cheap wall hung vanities make your compact bathroom look spacious and are practical. 

Besides, it gives your bathroom a contemporary and modern look.

While the market size for bathroom vanities expands by 5.9% between 2019 and 2025, you might want to consider wall-hung vanities. You will also want to know its advantages and disadvantages. So, read on.

What are Wall Hung Vanities?

As the name suggests, Wall Hung Vanities are units mounted to the wall, and they often come with a basin and storage. Plus, you can get them with mirrors to make your bathroom aesthetics shine. It offers you clean, clutter-free, crisp, and perfect space. Additionally, you get personalized and customized vanities to fit your bathroom. You can choose from the brilliant pieces in sizes 350mm, 450mm, and 400mm range.  

As the vanities range expands, you have several designs to choose from to make your bathroom look work for you.

It helps you in the following ways:

  • They create aesthetically pleasing bathrooms
  • They give you storage space in compact bathrooms
  • It gives you a clean, crisp, and clutter-free bathroom
  • Gives you a contemporary and modern design 
  • It offers you incredible flexibility 


Now you know what are they and how they can help. Let’s explore its advantages in detail.

Offers Storage Space

Vanities offer you storage space in the bathroom. You can keep your shampoos, soap, and other bathroom essentials in your vanities. Plus, they make for efficient storage spaces in compact bathrooms. You get wall-hung vanities with drawers, shelves, or mirrored doors that offer you plenty of storage space.

Besides, it helps cover up plumbing too.

Makes it Easier For you To Clean Your Floors

When you have wall vanities, it becomes easier to clean the floor. You won’t miss out on any nook or cranny while cleaning. Plus, it gives you a clean floor and offers you the option of tiling your bathroom floors beautifully. You needn’t worry about your tiles getting spoilt when you have them.

You Needn’t Worry About Spoiling the Vanity’s Bottom 

When you wall mount your vanity and your bathroom gets wet, you needn’t worry that the vanity’s bottom will spoil. Often, floor-mounted vanities tend to spoil faster because of wet floors. Mould, fungus, peeling paint, spoiled wood, and more are some problems that occur when your vanity’s bottom gets wet.  

With wall hung vanity, you won’t need to worry about this.

Makes Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

It gives your bathroom a contemporary and aesthetic design. They make your small bathroom feel bigger. Since your wall-hung vanities are off the floor, you get more light bouncing in the bathroom, making it seem bigger. They are pretty, dainty, and offer you more space. So, you must explore their advantages and disadvantages and know their importance in modern times. These aesthetic fixtures in the bathroom are a perfect fit, affordable, and make your compact spaces look more prominent.

So, shop for wall-hung vanities when you think of doing up your bathroom.

Author Name – Ellen hollington

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