Buying a Home in Rockland, Ontario

Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Home in Rockland, Ontario

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Rockland is a part of Clarence-Rockland, a city just east of downtown Ontario. The bilingual community speaks both French and English due to the francophone community living along Eastern Ontario and near the suburb of Orleans. If you are looking to get away from the bigger cities and or want somewhere picturesque to grow a family, Rockland is a lovely place to start. Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a home in Rockland, Ontario.

Growing yet Tight-Knit Community

Rockland is ideal for young families just starting up and those in their senior years. There are communities solely for mature adults set up alongside residential areas for families with children and pets. Overall, the setting of Rockland is that of a tight-knit neighborhood, where everyone is friendly, and connections are made quickly.

Yet, such a tight-knit community has not hampered economic and commercial expansion. Rockland is growing. There are several outlets for major shopping and supermarket chains, so you are never too far from somewhere convenient. Rockland boasts a number of local restaurants as well. The recently constructed recreation centre also boasts a massive library.
Aside from buying a home in Rockland, renting an office or store to start a small business is certainly doable here.

More Affordable Housing

Right now is the best time to purchase a new home in Clarence-Rockland, Ontario. Not only are there plenty of beautiful homes on the market, but the price on most of them averages around $500,000-$700,000. Plus, you get a wide selection of architectural and housing styles. You can find ranchers, townhouses, duplexes, and more. When you consider that most houses are less than 20 years old, it’s hard to say no.

Because of the current state of the real estate market, the current mortgage rate is also low (see below). For you, the prospective home buyer, this means a more affordable property piece in the long run.

Low Mortgage Rates

Presently, a 5-year first mortgage has a fixed rate of around 1.74%, and a 5-year variable rate is around 1.60%. A 10-year fixed rate is around 2.99%. Low-interest rates such as these are advantageous to new homeowners because it means you can build a little more equity. Pair low mortgage rates with affordable housing prices and you get to save a little more while purchasing a beautiful home.

And with that low mortgage rate, you also get many popular home features in Rockland too. Think larger living space, both inside and outside your property, and more modern homes than what you may find in other places around Ontario.

Lower Cost of Living

In most places around Ontario, housing prices are skyrocketing. For example, the cost of a house in Kitchener-Waterloo has gone up 23.7% since 2019; Windsor-Essex is up 22.9%, and Greater Toronto is up 10%. However, housing in Rockland is about 29% less than the national average. If you are looking to lower your overall cost of living, you need to go somewhere that has a relatively stable real estate market.

Rockland is the perfect place for cutting out additional expenses. So you can start living within your means, not beyond them. According to the cost of living index, living in Clarence-Rockland is 15% lower than the average for Ontario, and it is 5% lower than the entire country’s average. In fact, Rockland, Ontario scores lower than the rest of Ontario except for utilities.

Nature and Recreation

Rockland has a lot of charm. Yet, what separates it from other towns and cities in Ontario is that it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. You can spend your days outside in the sun and never get bored. If you love taking long walks or runs, there are plenty of trails alongside the Ottawa river to discover, and a number of parks for children to play.

Rockland is also home to the Outaouais Golf Club, a semi-private course that is one of the highest-ranked in the region. For those who love fishing, there are plenty of lakes and rivers where you can launch a boat. The waters are teeming with carp, northern pike, bass, and walleye.

Since Rockland is a smaller community made up of all age groups. It has many state-of-the-art recreational facilities for people of all ages, too. Throughout the area, you will find football and soccer fields, baseball diamonds, swimming pools, parks, and more. Rockland also has one of the biggest YMCAs in all of Ottawa and has a renowned hockey training facility.

Need help becoming a part of the community? Simply find a sport you are interested in and join one of the many recreational leagues. For example, you can join the recreational volleyball league or the summer softball league to make friends and stay healthy.

Final Thoughts

Rockland, Ontario, maybe a small community, but it is conveniently located and a highly desirable area to live in. Not only is the cost of living lower than in other regions around Ottawa. But the community itself is thriving and growing. You will find all sorts of opportunities for yourself and your family in Rockland, so why not consider purchasing a home there?

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