9 Futuristic Trends for Coworking Spaces in 2021

9 Futuristic Trends for Coworking Spaces in 2021

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The idea of coworking space is here to stay, and by the rate it is rising in popularity, it will be the change the way we look at office and work. In this post, we will be looking at nine trends that are going to influence the coworking industry in 2021 heavily.

1. Technology

The trends last year in the coworking industry were already picking up on technological advancements; in 2021, it is only expected to grow. Technology has helped coworking industry to manage their time and resources efficiently. Earlier, they were required to hire separate managers for day and night shifts to facilitate coworkers with flexible working hours. With the use of technology, the requirement for managers has ceased to exist. Access codes, space management software, booking and attendance systems, automated invoices, etc., have rendered the need for a physical manager useless, and it is also expected in the rise of a virtual office as per the technology enhancements.

2. Multiple locations

With coworking offices, people choose to go with the ones that operate in various locations since they can work in any of the sites. Most frequent travelers and business people tend to select the space that has multi-city locations. Coworking spaces have started to branch out to other sites. If you are looking for a coworking office for yourself, choose the one that offers a coworking passport programmed that allows the cardholder to use the designated number of hours at any branch. 

3. Space design

Coworking spaces have to be different than traditional offices, hence their gorgeous interiors. The interior design of the shared spaces is so meticulously executed that it catches your attention as soon as you walk in. As the coworking industry have started to take the corporate industry by storm, we can expect better designs as new offices come into existence. 

Essential features like sitting desks, standing desks, sofas, couches are all provided for the convenience of the users. Moreover, most coworking spaces, such as office space in Delhi, also offer the coworkers a chance to explore recreational activities. As the trend grows, the coworking spaces are getting more and more creative.

4. Additional out of box services

As the coworking trends grow, shared offices have started to provide many other services to coworkers. Some of these out-of-box services include babysitting, the chartered accountant helps for your startups, pet-friendly office space, bank tie-ups for easy loan disbursement, and business accounts. 

5. Niche coworking spaces

Certain cities in the world have large numbers of coworking spaces, and all of them are mostly occupied. Niche coworking spaces are already in trend and are expected to grow in the upcoming future. A niche coworking space targets a particular segment of coworkers.

An example of a niche coworking space would be a space for artists, females, developers and coders, writers, photographers. 

Niche coworking spaces are designed to facilitate the particular segment and include facilities that a professional in that field might need. 

6. Connection to nature

Coworking spaces include nature with their offices. An area that exhibits plants, flowers, and an overall fondness for nature tends to attract more coworkers. Most coworking spaces have started to implement new designs such as artificial waterfalls, stones, beaches, and other objects that are similar to nature.

7. Community, culture, and classes

Coworking spaces, apart from offering infrastructural, provide a sense of community and learning for the coworkers. Activities like weekly lunch to yoga classes and meditation sessions are all becoming a part of the coworking experience. While these activities may be optional and occur every once a week, they tend to add to the rich culture of shared spaces. 

8. The corporate shift

Although the coworking concept started with the idea of facilitating startups and freelancers, it has gradually been expanding its wing for more prominent corporations and companies. This corporate shift can be credited to the various offerings from the coworking industry. The coworking spaces have started to make their offices corporate-friendly in order to incorporate more companies into the fold. 

9. Digital marketing

Lastly, the coworking industry is experimenting with digital marketing trends. Since infrastructure, location, and interiors are all important, spreading the word through digital marketing is an essential task to any business. Using social media to further your brand and establish a trust factor among your customers is the basic necessity. 

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