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A Brief Guide about Various Types of Coworking Spaces

BusinessA Brief Guide about Various Types of Coworking Spaces

The work culture and atmosphere has changed significantly since the rise of the twenty-first century. Before that, the working class had to report at offices sharp at eight or nine in the morning and clocked out once their shift was over. It did not matter if they had to travel miles or move out of their homes to continue the job comfortably.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the developed countries that are quick to accept the change and make the life of the working population a bit easier and comfortable. Freelance working, remote working, and flexible working are common trends. Sometimes the employers, while at other times, the employees sign up for coworking spaces that seem most rewarding. However, to better judge the suitability exploring the types of coworking spaces is crucial.

Dig deeper into this article and learn a brief guide about various types of coworking spaces.

Top 8 Types of Coworking Spaces You Can Opt From

Coworking setup is not a new concept for the working population of the modern era. It is a rising trend, as it offers numerous benefits in addition to saving rental costs, utility expenses and the hassle of commuting to far-off workspaces. Opting the coworking space carefully after exploring the types and atmosphere they offer can maximize the benefits and gains of workers.

Here are the top types of coworking spaces you can opt from according to your ease and comfort.

1. Full-Service Spaces

Full service is one of the most common, popular and comfortable types of coworking space. As the name hints, this type of working space offer full-fledged services like furnished offices, tea, coffee, snacks, security, access to basic amenities and a parking facility. Business organizations often acquire membership form workspace Dubai based ventures and ensure their employees can work from a comfortable place.

2. Balanced Spaces

The balanced spaces are the second most preferred type of coworking space. Supporting their name, the balanced working spaces are not too much furnished and do not even lack basic facilities. They provide a balanced and moderate working atmosphere to the community, with access to basic facilities related to work, hygiene and fitness.

3. Minimal Spaces

Minimal space is the third type of coworking spaces that are most popular among startups and freelancers. Such spaces can usually accommodate small teams or a few workers at the same time. The interior of the spaces represents minimalism. The workers have access to the internet, café and basic working facilities. They usually do not offer advanced services like a fitness center or parking like other spaces.

4. Open Spaces

Open spaces are one of the most common types of coworking spaces popular among freelancers and employees of small business organizations. As the name suggests, such working places have an open layout and atmosphere. The common examples include a working nook in a café, coffee shop or hotel. They also offer snacks, free internet and other basic working amenities.

5. Closed Spaces

Closed coworking spaces are the opposite of open spaces. Such spaces are like private office spaces. The members of interested people can buy daily, monthly or yearly membership for a desk or workspace. At times, the organizations also acquire closed working spaces for their teams and ensure they can work collaboratively from an offsite space.

6. Niche Spaces

Niche spaces are increasingly becoming popular in developed countries. Such spaces offer industry-specific facilities. For example, a specific space may offer working stations only to graphic designers. It not only allows the authorities to create a perfect working atmosphere with all the basic facilities but also increases the networking opportunities for the people opting for space.

7. Conventional Spaces

Conventional spaces can be termed as a typical coworking space that has basic facilities like work station, access to devices like printers, fax, mailing address etc., in addition to internet, parking and access to a café. Such spaces are usually well maintained and offer service at cheaper rates, so more and more workers can utilize the service.

8. Corporate Spaces

Corporate spaces are the last type of coworking space. As the name suggests, the spaces are specifically designed for corporates. They have a perfect interior designed by professionals. They offer a set of services like private offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc. If you are also looking for a corporate space, you can get in touch with workspace Dubai based ventures and explore some of the best places and get their access to suitable conditions and membership.

Narrow down your requirement and pick the ideal space!

Every type of coworking space offers a specific range of benefits. According to the type of job, work, or industry, one type of space may offer more benefits as compared to the other. On the other hand, you might not need the exclusive service and thrive only with basic facilities. It is best to narrow down your requirements and pick the coworking space that offers an ideal atmosphere and services. Make your choice wisely to work comfortably.

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