Major Causes & Steps to Avoid Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains – A Man-Made Problem

Blocked drains are real nightmares for many of us. It is the cause of real inconvenience as it leads to an unhygienic environment. Almost all households had to face this issue with drains at least once in their lifetime. It needs immediate action from our end; else, the pungent smell soon takes control over your entire house. You will have to act fast to prevent further damage to your property.

Major Causes of Blocked Drains:

  1. Unwanted foreign bodies or objects: 
    Many households find their drains blocked due to objects thrown by small children into drain pipes. Objects like balls and toys are often dropped into drain pipes which results in unwanted congestions. Sanitary pads, child nappies, and wipes are intentionally thrown. However, it causes unwanted blockage and leading to an overflowing drainage system.
  2. Bundle of hairs: 
    It is pretty strange to know that hairs can because of blocked drains. Hairs that are trapped inside drain pipes are accumulated over several days. Whenever we take a shower or shampoo our hairs, some of them in a bunch keep sticking to openings to drains. After certain days it forms a net-like structure that allows water to flow out however holds small particles daily.
  3. Accumulation of grease and food particles: 
    We often find that a grease and food particle is thrown via sinks in the kitchen is the culprit for the blocked drains. Greasy material like Oils & fats hardens on cooling and thus clogs your drains like heart arteries. After eating food, we always throw away leftover food, sometimes via kitchen sinks, leading to overflowing.
  4. Broken pipes: 
    Sometimes pipes are broken with time due to rusting of metals and caused blockage of drains. Also, sometimes while making drains, the plumbers are using faulty techniques or materials, resulting in this messy issue.
  5. Tree Roots: 
    The littlest breaks or holes in your underground lines can draw in tree root development. Once inside your lines, tree roots rapidly become bigger, impeding the water stream and causing pipe harm. Clearing tree roots from lines can be intricate and require rooter administration, pressure stream cleaning, trenchless fix, or even removal. Audit the root construction of your trees and plants and screen the state of your channels to forestall a broad and outrageous fix.

6. Oil and Fat: 
Notwithstanding being perhaps the most widely recognized reasons for impeded channels, utilized cooking oil and fat are likewise the least demanding to forestall. Greasy substances are known for their tacky properties, so when washed down the sinks, they will naturally join within the lines, step by step obstructing the channels such a lot of that no fluid can go through.

Steps to Avoid Blocked Drains: 

We can take certain preventive steps proactively to avoid drains getting blocked. Also, you should never try to fix a broken plumbing line on your own. Call for a plumber immediately. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Do not throw foreign objects into drains: 
    We need to be careful about not throwing foreign objects into drains. Children are required to be taught about not throwing balls or toys in drain pipes.
  2. Sinks in the kitchen should not be used for dumping waste: 
    Extra caution is required while throwing leftover food particles or lumps. We need to accumulate it and throw the same in the skip bin to avoid clogged sinks.
  3. Drains used for the exit of water in bathrooms need to be cleared:
    Hairs are the major culprits for blockage of washroom drains, so we need to be alert about the same and keep drains clear from hairs accumulation. Exit filters can be used to keep hairs away from entering pipes of the drains.
  4. Avoid throwing away greased particles into pipes: 
    We must not throw greased substance via kitchen sinks to avoid blocked drains, and in case accidentally it is thrown, then immediately try to flush it with a good amount of water.
  5. Regular cleaning of drains: 
    It is always recommended that a plumber be called in to clean pipes and fix any leakage in drain pipes. Plumbers use chemicals and air pressure methods to flush and clean all your drain pipes. It saves us from the mental trauma of blocked drains.

Our house is a place where we want to relax and spend quality time with our close ones. Fussing about the bad odor and water leakage, and other problem takes away that little tile you get with them. Blocked drains result from our carelessness, and if we could bring certain discipline in our life, we can go without ever facing this issue. It is our responsibility that keeps our environment clean. Hence hiring a plumber to do the job will be the smartest way to go about it.

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