Bracelet Gift Idea under 1000 GBP

Bracelet Gift Idea under 1000 GBP

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Bracelets have been, are, and will be a wonderful and reliable gift idea for times to come. With an expansive budget of 1000 GBP, you can actually find some really exciting designs. Here are five of our most favourite bracelet gift ideas for you.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If you’re unsure what kind of bracelet to gift someone, then the Diamond Tennis Bracelet is the safest option. It is simple enough to be a casual gift yet elegant enough to be loved and worn by the receiver. The design has a band entirely studded with diamonds. You can get a few variations made by adding a second layer on diamonds or a pendant or by making the bracelet thick or thin. It makes a lovely gift and will fall well within your budget of 1000 GBP. You could either opt for synthetic diamonds or imitation ones, both of which will look absolutely stunning. 

Clic N Clac ‘H’ Bracelet

Have you seen this Hermes bracelet yet? If you have, you’re probably already thinking of either buying it for yourself or gifting it to someone. This unique design has a large H in the middle, and the band is a hard metal, like a bangle that sits on your wrist firmly but comfortably. You can check and choose the size you wish to purchase, and yes, they do come in many sizes, from small to large. It’s more like a hard wrist band that clicks in place on your wrist, as the name suggests. The most popular colour combination is black and rose gold; however, there are others available too.

Charm bracelet

Who doesn’t love a pretty charm bracelet? It is the perfect gift for the lucky young charm of your life. Although women of all ages love getting a charm bracelet, we believe it will be more appreciated by younger ones, making it a good gift for your sister or daughter. A charm bracelet usually has tiny pendants all over it that hang down when you wear the bracelet. You could have it custom-made and add any pendants of your choice and of significance to the person you want to gift it too. It could also have the initials of their name on it. Basically, there are loads that you can do with this design, so it is definitely a good option to consider.

Baby bracelets

Who said bracelets are only for grown-ups? Invited to a naming ceremony or a baby shower and no idea what to gift? How about a beautiful little baby bracelet? Yes, you heard it right, a bracelet for the baby. There are so many varieties out there in gold, diamond, or even imitation ones. They are available for both boys and girls with flowers, tiny leaves, and other such things embedded. If you wish to have it personalised, you can have their name engraved on the bracelet too. It will be a wonderful beginning to their jewellery collection, and their parents will definitely applaud you for gifting something different.

Silver large links chain

Since most bracelet ideas here were for women, we want to be fair and include men in our list too. Although one commonly wouldn’t go buying bracelets to gift men as opposed to something ’manly’, you’ll be surprised to know how many varieties there are in men’s bracelets too. But our recommendation is the silver large links chain. It is simple and goes well with most attires. Your man can wear it for formal events as well as on casual attires too. It has large-sized link chains attached to each other in a silver hue. It can be paired with a wristwatch to complete your look.

Already on your way to the jewellery shop to buy the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Hatton Garden? Don’t forget to ask for more designs, patterns, metals, and of course a discount. 

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