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Diesel Fuel Storage Tips: A Complete Guide

TechnologyDiesel Fuel Storage Tips: A Complete Guide

Diesel fuel is the distillation of crude oil, which is mainly a mixture of hydrocarbons. The cetane number, the velocity of fuel, sulfur content, and the density of fuel are some important features who characterized diesel fuels.

So how long does diesel fuel store, when gas fees went sky excessive and not using a sign of coming down long term, fleets and gasoline-the use of entities (like city governments) were pressured to rethink their strategies on protecting their budgets through how they use their fuel.

Gasoline techniques that used to middle around the use of gas up in days or some weeks at most now noticed these agencies buying a large quantity of gas whilst the fee was low. Those strategies revolve around resolving the chemical instability, preventing the outcomes of microbial pastime in the gasoline, and making sure compliance with regulations.

How long does diesel fuel store

Diesel fuel life is not too long, without proper treatment, you can’t store this fuel safely for more than 6 months. That means if you have diesel for storage, you need to do proper treatment and need to add additives for long storage life.

Diesel is a carbon-based petrochemical product. If it will be stored for a long time of period, diesel will react with oxygen in the storage tank and begin to oxidize. That will become the cause of damage fuel lines, fuel injectors and other fuel storage system components.

To store diesel fuel for long durations, you need to add some additives like fuel stabilizer in the diesel fuels. This fuel stabilizers work as a proactive and make diesel fuel fresh for long terms.

To increase the life of diesel, you need to apply a few better conditions to store it.

  • Store in a clean place.
  • Store in 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Always treat the diesel fuel with stabilizers and biocides
  • Maintained properly

If the above condition will not meet with stored diesel, few threats may harm the quality of diesel.

  • Hydrolysis
  • Microbial growth
  • Oxidation

The life of diesel will surely decrease because of the presence of these three elements. You can assure the diesel will lose his pre quality after 6 months.

Now we will discuss the reason and solution of these threats.

Diesel fuel storing tips and avoid the threats

Here we will discuss the reason for diesel fuel goes bad early and the solution to store diesel fuel more time.

Threat from Water

Water Hazard When fuel is exposed in water, this triggers a reaction to hydrolysis, indicating that diesel breaks down due to water ads. As condensation builds up, drops of water will spill onto the fuel from the storage tank’s roof. Water advertisement produces a chemical reaction that breaks down the diesel as described and renders it vulnerable to microbial boom (bacteria and fungi).

Also, rainwater can pool on top of the tank if the tank is above the floor. This pooling may cause the tank to rust and adversely affect the tank’s overall integrity. Pooled water is also appealing to all styles of bugs and could quickly grow to be a breeding ground for added bacterial growth. While rust takes place, this bacterial-encumbered rainwater can seep into the tank and negatively affect the diesel.

Tips to prevent diesel from water

  • Use biocides to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi which occurs due to water-diesel combination.
  • When you do the fuel treatment always apply demulsifying properties to separate water from fuel.
  • Always assure the diesel tank will be full, because there are fewer chances of condensation if the diesel storage tank is full.
  • Check the tank after rain and pooled off the water if present.
  • You need to check your diesel tank weekly and schedule the maintenance if required.
  • Every 8 to 10 years you need to clean the full tank to increase the life of diesel and also the life of a diesel tank.
  • Cover the tank by providing a roof over the tank.

The initial expanse of the underground diesel storage tank is more but the long term cost is very less, and this type of storage tank is the best option to store diesel for a long duration.

Threat from microbial growth

It is elaborate on an overall performance level because microbes generate acids that degrade diesel fuel, obstruct tank filters due to deposits of biomass, limit fluid flow, corrode tanks, and destroy engines. On a regulatory level, today’s growth in the microbe boom is the unfortunate result of a mandate from an environmental safety organization (EPA) requiring much less diesel sulfur to reduce air pollution, but less diesel sulfur makes the gas less strong and prone to microbial growth. Older than the ultra-low sulfur diesel standards of the EPA, the sulfur found in diesel was a natural sterilizer— the compound is poisonous to microbes. Therefore, when the natural levels of sulfur had been left in the diesel, there was remarkably much less microbial infection.

Tips to prevent microbial growth

  • Always keep away the water from the diesel storage tank.
  • Biocides are one of the best options to prevent microbial growth in the diesel tank.
  • Always check if there is any biofilm present in the storage tank, biofilm is a thick sludge layer which occurs due to diesel oxidation, and it will be one main cause of the diesel life.

Prevent from oxidation

Oxidation is a chemical response that happens while fuel is added with oxygen, and this happens as soon as diesel gasoline leaves the refinery. As such, diesel straight away starts evolved to degrade and its lifespan is reduced. Oxidation has a bad effect on both the nice of the gasoline and the tank storing the diesel.

Oxidation reacts with compounds in the diesel to create excessive acid values and to increase unwanted gum, sludge, and sediment. The better acid cost works to corrode the tank while the manufacturing of gum and sediment paintings to clog filters. If oxidized diesel gas is going disregarded and is inadvertently used, it could damage the diesel engine of your generator.

Tips to prevent oxidation

  • To maintain the temperature of the diesel tank around 20℉ is the best solution to prevent oxidation. The cool tank delaying the oxidation process.
  • You need to maintain the fuel quality by additives like antioxidants, it will be helpful to prevent a chemical breakdown.
  • Always apply the best diesel treatment process, don’t use low-grade additives or no need to use the same additives for different fuel types.
  • The life of diesel depends upon, how should you treat the diesel fuel.


For the long life of diesel fuel, you always need to know how you will treat the diesel fuel. The storage of diesel is one important factor of diesel life, so you need to store it clean and dry place and always maintain the cleaning of the diesel storage tank.

It will be helpful to manage EPA standards of diesel fuel.

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