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How to Enhance Image Quality

Art & DesignHow to Enhance Image Quality

Are you looking to enhance image quality for your blogs?

Using images to support your content can generate more engagement. However, did you know that images can also be SEO sensitive? A great way to boost your image SEO is with great quality pictures.

This includes everything from image size, compression, and even the file format. Want to learn how to enhance image quality for your site’s blogs? Continue reading and learn the enhanced image quality guide on Photoshop.

1. Resize or Crop Photo

Resizing or cropping a photo can reduce its file size. It allows an easier and faster media sharing process.

Most photo editing applications display a File option on the top-left corner. Select the option and click the Open File. Then, you can choose the image you want to edit.

You change the size of an image without cutting any part out and losing the image quality using a photo resizer. This allows you to edit an image to fit a space, such as social media posts. To do so, click the Image option on the top of your screen.

Then, navigate the cursor to Image Size and select. You can input the desired pixel size on the space beside the Width and Height.

Cropping creates focus and strengthens photo composition. To crop an image, proceed to the toolbar on the left side of your screen and select the Crop Tool.

Click and start dragging over the area you want to keep. You can move the corners of the cropped parts to adjust the size. Then, hit enter to save changes.

2. Reduce Noise in Image

Image noise can make your photo appear grainy and reduce its quality. With this, apply noise reduction to smoothen the pixels to enhance image quality.

In this part of the process, less is more.

Navigate the cursor on top of your screen and select the Filter option. Then, choose noise and reduce noise to start enhancing image quality.

Check the box beside the Preview to track the real-time changes you apply. Then, move the slide bars depending on the change you need. Noise reduction in the enhanced image quality process will help you preserve and sharpen details.

Strength refers to the amount of noise removal applied. Increase the percentage for the Preserve Details setting if you want a clear image. You can also increase the Sharpen Details percentage to produce clearer edges.

3. Adjust Color and Brightness

Color provides the most impact on an image. It can stimulate emotion, produce visual contrast, and more. Brightness refers to the lightness or darkness of a photograph.

Go to the Image setting on your app to adjust the visual elements. Then, select Adjustment and choose the element you want to change. It offers settings for hue, saturation, and more.

You can move the slide bars for each element and apply the necessary changes. When satisfied with the results, you may save and export the image.

Ways to Enhance Image Quality

A photograph provides a direct message and makes a text clearer. It tells a more comprehensible story, evokes emotion, and creates connections. With this, you must ensure the quality of the images you share.

Apply the enhanced image quality tips mentioned. You can resize, reduce noise, or adjust color to enhance image quality. Check our website for more guides on other topics!

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