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Tech giant, Apple, is one of the most unpredictable brands in the world. The vision and thinking of the company can’t be just thought of. Another important thing that makes it the best mobile technology company is the policy of constant improvement in their products. Recently, they have come up with a very exciting feature making a normal laptop interesting. Apple has updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard.

The all-new features of this out of the ordinary would give the best typing experience. Impressive stereo speakers, powerful quad-core processors, and faster memory standards are among the eye-grabbing characteristics. Also, one can double the storage space by updating their MacBook Pro with the latest version of 2020. Take a look at the new features in detail and develop a better understanding.

New Magic Keyboard

MacBook Pro 13-inch now features a redesigned scissor mechanism that includes 1 mm of key travel. Now you would feel the keys in a very different way. Now working on MacBook would be more comfortable. You can get a stable key feel. Unique thought processes and studies are put to redesign the keyboard of the MacBook Pro 13 inch. The inverted arrangement for the up-down and right-left arrow keys.

What would be the benefit?

Now, navigating through the spreadsheets would be easier for you. Steering through the keys while playing games would become smoother with the help of a physical Escape key, Touch ID, Touch Bar.

More Memory and Faster Memory

Customers can choose a 32GB memory option on their systems. Extra 16 GB of memory that is faster by 3733MHz is capable of giving a better performance. You can run multiple virtual machines and edit gigapixel images at a very high speed.

Comfortable and Portable Design

Now the MacBook has come up with an aluminium unibody design. There are many colour options like space grey, silver, etc. The weight is 3 pounds which makes it very portable. Advanced technologies are used that give retina display to give you a comfortable experience. Along with 4 million pixels, 500 nits of brightness, and millions of colours, retina display supports the P3 wide colour gamut. One can get a natural viewing experience for editing and viewing the workflows, writing an email, and all other types of everyday tasks.

If you are a music lover, then you must try the immersive wide-stereo sound speakers of the MacBook Pro 13 inch. Moreover, the Touch ID for easy login and gives the feel of using technology in real-time. The secured online purchase is like another cherry on the cake. They are termed as the best Force Touch trackpad by experts. The precise control and multiple-touch navigation are two unique features.

Double the Storage

Secondary Storage Space on MacBook Pro is one of the desires of the users. To fulfil that, now the new MacBook comes with double storage as compared to the previous generation systems. A whopping 1 TB (Terabyte) is now the storage capacity of the new system where you can store hundreds of millions of photos, files, and videos. If you are a pro user, then there is something extra for you. From large photo libraries to video projects, you can store everything in a 4TB secondary storage device.

Built-In Security And Privacy

Apple has now made a custom-designed second-generation silicon chip that has been used in MacBook Pro 13-inch. It is known as T2 Security Chip. The main functionality of the chip involves checking the boot process of the software. It also includes providing data encryption on storage devices. The result would be a more secure boot process and highly secure computer storage. You need to have Touch ID information to unlock their Mac. All the information is kept safe with the help of a password. So, you can get rid of the fear of invaders getting access to your sensitive information and personal stuff. If you are very obsessed with all these features, you should buy a MacBook now.

Advanced Desktop Operating System

The operating system used in the latest Mac is macOS Catalina. The inbuilt apps include Photos, Pages, Safari, Numbers, Keynotes, and many more. You can do a lot of amazing things by connecting your device to the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch. The operating system that is also used in the Apple watch gives access to Continuity features. These enable the users to receive phone calls without lifting their iPhones. In addition to that, the OS is powerful enough to extend the workspace of the system, copy, paste images to a Mac that is available nearby. You can also copy text straight from your iPad, iPhone, and other Apple devices to a nearby Mac. Now the world is moving to use Voice search for a quick experience. Voice Control is an added feature that lets users completely control their MacBook with their voice.

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