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George Brown College, Canada – Programs, Tuition Fee & Scholarships

EducationGeorge Brown College, Canada - Programs, Tuition Fee & Scholarships

Canada is a top education destination globally and one of the most sought-after countries in the international community for several reasons. Some of the prominent reasons why international students choose Canada as a study abroad destination are its high-quality education institutions and living standards. That is why it is the first option as a study abroad destination for international students.

Canada is also famous for being one of the friendliest nations in the world and the safest for living. Canada features some of the world’s best colleges and universities with state-of-the-art technologies and excellent research facilities. One such institution that deserves the spotlight is George Brown College in Canada.

About George Brown College

George Brown College is a public college of applied arts and technology established in the year 1967. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It boasts an impressive 84% employment rate just after six months of graduation. George Brown offers hands-on experience to its students with a blend of theory and classroom learning. It has three campuses with different academic departments located across Toronto, Canada.

George Brown College Study Programs:

George Brown College offers a wide range of programs to its students on different levels, i.e., undergraduate, graduate, certificates, and diplomas. It provides around 160 career-focused degree programs, including 35 diploma programs and 27 certificate programs.

George Brown also offers various apprenticeship training programs in different fields. Make sure to get in touch with top education consultants before applying to secure scholarships and learn from the best teachers. Here is a brief detail about the different departments and programs it offers:

1. Arts, Design and Information Technology

It offers various courses in the following fields:

  • Computer Technology
  • Design
  • Fashion and Jewelry
  • Media and Performing Arts

Graduate Certificate in Applied AI Solutions Development, Cybersecurity, Health Informatics, Game Design, Interactive Media Management, and Front End Web Development.

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2. Business

Department of Business offers various degree programs and certificates in the following fields:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Marketing

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3. Community Services and Early Childhood

This department offers a wide range of graduate certificate programs and diplomas in the following fields:

  • Pre-Community Services
  • Bachelor of Interpretation (American Sign Language – English)
  • Early Childhood Education (Diploma/ Degree)
  • Career Development Practitioner
  • Bachelors of Early Childhood Leadership

4. Construction and Engineering Technologies

Angelo Delzotto School of Construction Management at George Brown offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management)
  • Civil Engineering Technology (diploma program)
  • Building Information Modeling Management
  • Construction Management
  • Residential Construction Management

5. The Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences

The Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences offers various degree programs and diplomas in the following fields:

  • Dental Health
  • Health and Wellness (Autism and Behavioral Sciences, etc.)

Its Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing, etc.

6. Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Chef School offers a Bachelor of Commerce (Culinary Management), both degree program and diploma, Food, and Nutrition Management, and Culinary Arts in Italian and French. Similarly, it also offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) and Advanced Wine and Beverage Business Management.


George Brown College constitutes of three campuses spanning over Toronto: Casa Loma Campus, St. James Campus, and Waterfront Campus. Casa Loma is situated on Kendal Ave, St James is located at King St. East, and Waterfront is located at 51 Dockside Drive south of Queen’s Quay.

Each campus has multiple schools and offers different programs and opportunities to its students. Casa Loma offers students three study disciplines:

  • Construction and engineering technologies
  • Preparatory and liberal studies
  • Arts, design, and information technology

Similarly, St. James Campus in Old Town London offers five study disciplines:

  • Business
  • Arts, design, and information technology
  • Community services and early childhood education
  • Centre for hospitality and culinary arts
  • Centre for preparatory and liberal studies

Waterfront Campus on Lake Ontario offers programs in health sciences and design at its two schools:

  • The Daphne Cockwell Centre for Health Sciences
  • School of Design at the Waterfront Campus

George Brown College Tuition Fee and Scholarships Opportunities for International Students

The tuition fee at George Brown College varies depending upon the program of your choice. But international students who wish to pursue a degree at George Brown can expect to pay around CAD 17,000 -27,000 per year for undergraduate and graduate programs. For diploma and certificate programs, the base tuition fee is around CAD 14,330 per year. Similarly, there is a $95 application fee that is non-refundable.

You are in luck because George Brown offers multiple scholarships and grants to international students to help them financially. Some of the available scholarships include:

  • International Centre Student Bursary
  • The International Student Leadership Award
  • International Student ESL Scholarship
  • Kimokran (Toronto) Scholarship for International Students
  • Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarships
  • Woori Education Scholarship

For more information on these scholarship awards, grants, and eligibility criteria, make sure to contact top education consultants in Pakistan. You can be one of the students to benefit from these scholarships and study in Canada.

Enjoy Higher Job Prospects at George Brown!

George Brown College in Canada aims at providing its students with all the necessary tools and skills that they may require to enter the global workforce and professional life. By studying at George Brown College, you can guarantee success in your chosen career path anywhere in the world, and also in Canada. So, if you like any of these programs, then apply away today for a chance to secure admission on a scholarship.

George Brown offers an amazing opportunity to take your education journey abroad and work for the world’s major financial houses, fashion, software development, and health services in Canada. So, don’t wait and be among the students to gain valuable opportunities offered by George Brown College in Canada.

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