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How to Fix A Mistakenly Cut Fiber Optic Cable?

InternetHow to Fix A Mistakenly Cut Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optic is the key element of a smooth network connection. It not only increases the speed of connection but also provides a seamless connection between multiple devices. Fiber optic is replacing the copper cables and other wires in developed countries like the UAE. This is the main reason that the telecommunication industry in developed countries is much more progressive.

Fiber optics are made of high-quality material, which does not get damaged quite easily. Still, during the process of installation, movement, or some other activity, the fiber can be cut mistakenly. A little disruption and cut in the fiber optic can ruin the whole network and quality of connection. Replacing all cables is just a waste of resources, so you should look into fixing it.

This article will provide you a brief guide about fixing a mistakenly cut fiber optic cable and make most of your available resources.

Top 7 Steps to Repair Accidentally Cut Fiber Optic Cable

Backhoe fade is one of the major causes of accidental cuts and damage to the fiber optic cables during the process of digging. A little cut can disrupt the whole network; however, it does not mean that the cable is useless. It can provide a seamless connection after the repair procedure.

Essential Tools to Repair Fiber Optic Cable

Repairing of fiber optic cable is a process that requires professional knowledge as well as tools. You cannot bring the fiber back to its shape and high-quality performance without either of them. The essential tools required for repairing fiber optic cable include:

  • Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Fiber optic cutter
  • Fiber optic stripper
  • High precision fiber optic cleaver
  • Fusion splicer

Now that you are aware of the essential tools explore the below-mentioned steps to learn about the accidentally cut fiber optic cable.

1. Identify Breakage in Fiber Optic

The first step in repairing fiber optic cable cut by accident is to identify the breakage point in the cable. You cannot just randomly try to fix the cable but must utilize professional knowledge. Use the optical time-domain reflectometer, which measures the fiber length, transmission, and joint attenuation, as well as fault location. It requires expertise, so most people hire the service of fiber optic companies in Dubai to fix the damage instead of worsening it due to their limited knowledge.

2. Cut Out the Damaged Part of Fiber Optic Cable

After you have identified the point of breakage in the fiber optic cable with the help of the light pulse of OTDR, cut out the damaged part. You cannot just leave the damaged or cut part of the cable by covering it or connecting it by binding. Utilize the fiber optic cable cutter to cut the damaged part neatly, so it does not disrupt the connection again.

3. Strip Both Ends of Fiber Optic Cable

The next step in the process is stripping both ends of the fiber optic cable. You can use the fiber optic cable stripper to strip both ends neatly. First of all, strip the fiber jacket with the help of a stripper. After that, take down the stripped fiber jacket. Lastly, cut the kevlar with the help of a fiber optic cable cutter.

4. Trim Remaining Damage on Fiber Optic

After stripping the fiber optic cable, you need to trim the cable in order to ensure there is no remaining damage that can disrupt the connection. For this step, utilize the high-precision fiber optic cleaver. Open the cover, put the fiber in it, close the cover and move the slider to cleave it. Remove it once it if fixed. You must have the required knowledge and skill to operate the cleaver; otherwise, you will only add to your loss.

5. Clean the Stripped Parts of Fiber Optic

Cleaning the stripped parts of the fiber optic cable is one of the most crucial steps in the whole procedure. This step will help you ensure a clean wire strip of the terminal. So, utilize the lint-free wipes or alcohol to clean the stripped parts efficiently. Make sure that the fiber cable does not touch anything that can compromise its cleanliness.

6. Splice Fiber Optic Cable

The next step to repair accidentally cut fiber optic cable is splicing the cable. You will need the fusion splicer tool to efficiently perform this step and ensure that you do not cause any more damage to the fiber optic. You can use the method of mechanical splicing or fusion splicing according to ease and requirement.

7. Perform the Connection Test

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, you need to perform the connection test of the fiber optic cable. You can use OTDR to ensure a smooth connection. After that, put the splices in the splice enclosure and close it. If there is still some problem in connection, you should consult experts. You can hire the service of Tarkeeb, a fiber optic company in Dubai to ensure proper installation and rearing of fiber optic cables, so you do not face any difficulty.

Do not ignore the cut or damage of fiber optics!

The slightest cut or damage in the fiber optic network can cause an interruption in data transmission, which means it can halt your functioning. So, do not ignore such minor issues and tale proper measures for their fixture. Ask for the help of experts if you lack the skills, instead of wasting your time, money, and effort.

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