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Why Use Fiber Optic Cabling for Network Installation?

InternetWhy Use Fiber Optic Cabling for Network Installation?

Many types of cables are available in the market for configuring networks. You can select either the coaxial cables or optical fiber. Many people get confused in selection owing to a lack of technical knowledge. If you are the one facing the same issues, the post will help you understand the essential advantages of opting for optic fiber cables for business networks.

What is fiber optics?

Before discussing the reasons, it is imperative to understand the basics of fiber optics. In simple words, fiber optics is a cable comprising fragile, long strands of pure glass bundled in an insulating cladding.

The cable is used to transmit light signals at a considerably fast speed. The major part includes the core, the cladding, and buffer coating. The most common types are single-mode fibers and multi-mode fibers.

Top 8 Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables

The ever-increasing technology has increased the demand for speed and reliability when it comes to network communication. Keeping this in view, the people look for fast-speed and reliable equipment for network configuration.

Before you decide the use of coaxial or fiber cabling, let’s consider the advantages that optical fiber cables offer to the business network for higher efficiency:

Higher bandwidth

Typical cables have limited bandwidth because these were designed to support voice transmission only. However, businesses in the present-day world are conducted through online conferences and video-based ventures. It needs higher bandwidth to support interruption-free video streaming. So, fiber optics cables are the best for ensuring higher bandwidth.

It is owing to the reason that optical fibers carry more data as compared to the coaxial cabling. However, it also depends on the ways and techniques used for configuration. So get reliable services from structured cabling companies in Dubai for ensuring higher throughput.

Weather interference resistance

Further, fiber optic cables withstand weather moistures and temperature fluctuations. It makes the network more reliable in the wake of interferences. So, no rainwater can disturb your network! Perhaps, it makes the network more preferable for business communication. Why not opt for fiber optics for installation to deal with a rugged environment?

Cloud access suitability

Furthermore, cloud computing is getting higher popularity in the corporate world. The main reason is the use of advanced technology for ensuring effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using a centralized database. For this purpose, the communication links should be fast and reliable – fiber optics cables are highly suitable for it.

Longer distance coverage

Speed is directly proportional to the distance covered while sending messages over the communication networks. Fiber optic cables carry light for the transmission of data. Owing to this, the speed of transmission is incredibly high. The signal degradation is incredibly less than the Cat5 and Cat6 cables. Therefore, fiber optics is the best choice for high-speed networking to cover considerably long distances within microseconds.

Ownership cost saving

The expenses of configuring networks are one of the most crucial considerations for businesses. It is because every company allocates a defined budget for meeting their requirements for technology. In this regard, fiber optic cabling is a one-time investment having the least maintenance requirements. So, ownership cost is considerably less as compared to the traditional network cables.

Reliable network efficiency

Most importantly, the fiber optics cables are immune to rapid changes in the temperature and other weather conditions. It makes the network highly efficient and reliable. Therefore, business companies should prefer getting their networking done using optical fibers for improved performance without any disruption.

Flexibility of upgrades

Last but not least, network requirements change with the advancement in technology. As a response, business demands for upgrades in the networks. In this regard, fiber optics facilitates the ease of upgrades without disturbing the whole network. However, it would help if you got assistance from well-reputed structured cabling companies in Dubai to ensure error-free upgrades without disrupting the entire network.

Greater network security

It is imperative to understand that fiber optics are inherently reliable and secure. The data interception is very difficult in fiber cables. It is owing to the reason that signals are not emitted in fiber optics. In most cases of data tapping, the cable is cut at the end, which shuts the whole network leading to an alert. If you want to secure network transmission, use fiber optics!

Get fiber optic cabling for your business!

Summing up, speed and security are the most pressing concerns of business companies while communicating over the network. Keeping this in view, it is better to opt for fiber optic cables for network installation owing to many benefits.

If you are going to structure your office network, or want to upgrade it, prefer quality above all requirements. Don’t forget to opt for structured cabling agencies for world-class networking experience. After all, experts know your business needs and offer services within budget constraints!

Remember! The benefits of using fiber cables are not limited to the signal speed and reliability, but the overall performance is incredible. So, optimize the efficiency of your networking by getting fiber optics cables today!

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