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How to Incorporate Videos in Your E-commerce Platform?

TechnologyHow to Incorporate Videos in Your E-commerce Platform?

If you have been using digital and social media for some time now, you must have noticed a transition from static media to videos. People love seeing videos as they are fun and easy to digest and share. For all ecommerce website owners, the primary goal is to create a perfect on-site experience for customers to boost sales and revenue.

According to Wyzowl, 87% of ecommerce marketers say that using videos has significantly increased traffic to their websites. Videos have a wide range of benefits for ecommerce online stores, from lead generation to increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. No matter the purpose behind using videos, one thing is clear – people love videos, and they are worth it!

Top 5 Ways To Incorporate Videos on Your E-Commerce Platform To Boost Sales

Most ecommerce brands use photos to display their products, but now successful brands are using videos in their online stores to attract customers. Here are some of the ways you can use videos on your ecommerce websites and applications.

1. Make Videos to Explain your Website

Make informative videos that allow users to navigate your website, including product searches, checkout process, and payment options. Instead of using static images or lengthy posts, explain your customers through videos and animations about a specific aspect of your online store. It will not only help you create clarity for your customers but also boost sales and increase conversion.

You can create small videos explaining the checkout process or payment options on your website for your customers. This will help you minimize cart abandonment and boost overall sales. If you are confused about where to start, consider consulting ecommerce solutions Dubai based experts for a customized approach related to your online store. Following is an example from Sephora:

2. Make Videos to Display Products

Instead of using static product images, why not display products using small videos, just like done by the luxury apparel brand, Prada. On Prada’s website, you can see how they have used short videos of models displaying clothes instead of photographs. It’s like a small, personal fashion runway!

Prada gif to display products

These videos serve a dual purpose – they uniquely display products and also serve the purpose of marketing and commercials, thus boosting traffic websites and increasing sales. This type of content is applicable for all kinds of online stores, regardless of the industry they specialize in, for example, clothes, make-up, construction industry, food, etc.

3. Videos as CTA

Instead of using big flashy Call To Action, ecommerce stores are using videos as CTA to capture customer’s attention. If you want to incorporate videos to capture attention instantly, you need to create fun and engaging video content as a hook to grab customers and have them spend more time on your websites.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of the video. You can use a 15-30 seconds video with good content and visuals that your customers will love to see. Aesthetics and visuals are important, but your video needs to tell a meaningful story or deliver a message to your viewers in a few seconds. One great example of video as CTA is the music video by Coldplay with Game of Thrones cast that urges viewers to donate to the Red Nose Day Charity.

4. Product Tutorials

You can also make short videos to show your customers your products in action. Instead of using photos, these videos will allow your customers to easily understand the concept of the product and how it actually works. These tutorials are essential for your customers so they can understand how to use your products.

One great example of the incorporate of product tutorial videos can be seen on the official website of Victorinox – the maker of the infamous Swiss Army Knives. In their tips and tricks section, they have used small 1 minute videos on how to use pocket knives and pocket knives in action cutting ropes, carving, etc. (as shown above). It tells your customers what to expect from the product, thus providing clarity and boosting sales.

5. Celebrity Promotional Videos

If you want to increase your brand reach, promotional videos are essential. Celebrity promotional videos are great at promoting products and encouraging customers to make purchases, thus boosting sales. Instead of focusing on the technical aspect of the products, these videos use emotional marketing techniques to evoke customers to buy your products.

Most of the top online shopping websites in the UAE use promotional videos with both local and international celebrities and influencers to encourage customers to buy their products. Study shows that more than 66% of online customers prefer watching a video instead of reading about products. For example, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton uses small promotional videos featuring celebrities to evoke customer’s emotions and have them shop at their website.

Why Are Videos Important for Your E-commerce Store?

The reason behind the growing popularity of small videos is that they yield amazing results when it comes to attracting organic traffic to your platforms. We human beings love visuals and prefer to see things rather than read, so to retain viewers’ attention through a digital screen, why not incorporate exciting videos?

Videos are an effective technique to demonstrate a product or service and its benefit to the consumer. Everyone loves videos, and they can help you rank on top of SERPs. Your videos can be featured in search results of Google, or they can be used as marketing content and uploaded on social media platforms for the promotion.

On Twitter, 82% of the users watch video content as opposed to reading material. Similarly, videos uploaded on LinkedIn generate more than 300 million impressions, and brands that incorporate videos in their marketing strategy experience revenue growth 49% faster as compared to brands that don’t. Thus, videos can add great value to your online platform.

Making e-commerce, Fun, and Interactive!

These are some of the ways to incorporate videos in your ecommerce platforms and why you need video content to increase brand awareness. So, do you think you are ready to embark on this journey and embrace video content on your ecommerce stores? If yes, then consult ecommerce Dubai-based experts such as Spiral Click today and redesign your content strategy. It is something you will not regret and will help you achieve your goals in terms of sales and online traffic much faster.

It’s time to get creative and make small and fun videos that your customers will love to see and share on social media. Think of new ways for your customers to interact with your brand.

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