How to Think in English - Steps that can Improve Your English

How to Think in English – Steps that can Improve Your English

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One of the best ways to improve your English speaking and word power is to think in English. It sounds professional but is quite easy to do in real life. If you use the Eng language a lot throughout the day, your thoughts will automatically come in English. You don’t even have to make your thoughts in English intentionally. 

Nevertheless, in order for your thoughts to be in English, you have to surround yourself with various language resources. In your daily life, you will have made the following an integral part:

  • English podcasts and audiobooks
  • English speaking
  • English reading
  • English writing

You don’t even have to give hours of your time for these tasks. A few minutes of each every day should suffice. 

Making English a part of your life

In order to make English a part of your life, you will have to do Eng-related things actively. For instance, if you want to gain information about something, do it in English instead of your native language. Browse English sites to cater to your hobbies and interests.

The point is to do anything you can do in your native language in English. In order to make English a part of your life, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and use the language whenever you can. When it becomes a part of your life, thinking in the language comes easy.

Improve your listening skills

Listening to others speak English helps you understand your own shortcomings and improve upon them. It also helps enhance your listening skills, which is an important skill to have in your arsenal. 

By listening, we mean anything related to English. Whether you listen to your friends discuss, some topic in English, or listen to an audio by your favorite artist. When you are listening, focus on how they deliver their sentences, when they pause and when they start talking loudly. A native speaker will help you understand the nuances of English speaking. If you listen to English audios & videos, and speeches daily, your brain will automatically grasp some of the basic concepts and produce your thoughts in the same language.

Reasons you can’t think in English

Many of us have a hard time thinking in English because we tend to do translations between our native language and Eng language. Every time we write or read something; we tend to get into translating the sentence into our native language. If we are to learn English enough to have our thoughts in the language, we need to do its opposite. We must aim to translate our native language thoughts, writings, and speeches into English.

Here’s how we can achieve that:

Use Eng to Eng dictionary

Instead of using a dictionary to translate words in your native language, try an Eng-to-Eng dictionary. This will help you stay on track with learning English and improve your word power. 

However, make sure to choose the right dictionary for this; otherwise, you will end up frustrated. Many Eng-to-Eng dictionaries are not apt in explaining words in simpler terms and will provide word afterword as an explanation, most of which will not explain anything. 

Write in English without translating

Start writing in Eng language without worrying about what you are writing. Keep a certain topic or incident in your head that you want to describe and then elaborate on it in English. Don’t worry about making mistakes, and don’t resort to translation after each sentence. Force yourself to write in Eng language and go as far as you can without taking any assistance. 


In order to think in English, you will have to make the language a part of your life, as we have already mentioned. Try to do as much in English as you can, including writing, reading, and listening. Choose Eng over your native language. Spend some time of your day or join an English-speaking course such as English speaking course in Delhi to improve your English. And stop trying to translate between English and your native language. 

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