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5 Most Popular Bracelet Designs for Women in London

Fashion5 Most Popular Bracelet Designs for Women in London

London and elegance go hand in hand, so when we talk about the most popular bracelet designs there, the list is going to be spilling with class. And we have it right here for you. Here are five of the most popular bracelet designs that women in London are wearing right now as you read this. Want to hop in the trend with them? Then read on!

Two-tone Chain Link

If you have a tough time deciding between gold and silver, you’re in for a treat. The two-tone chain link offers the best of both worlds in the silver and golden hue. It has large chunky links attached to each other and can be custom-made to add a pendant too. A pendant can be added to each link and so the possibilities to make this design prettier are simply endless. The gold and silver plating are usually done over brass and can resist wear and tear from regular use.

Delicate Initials

Women timelessly covet personalised pieces of jewellery. But necklaces with pendants of one’s initials are so passé. London ladies prefer owning a personalised name or initial bracelet. Having your initials as part of your bracelet is a popular trend in London. The letters can either be a hanging pendant or part of the chain itself. Naturally, these bracelets are worn regularly and form part of a person’s outer personality as people eventually know it. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are a delicate string-on band entirely studded with sparkly diamonds. From royals to common people, women all over London are seen donning this every once in a while. This bracelet design is commonly seen in classy parties, evening cocktails, or grand events to be paired with beautiful, flowy gowns. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are hard and circular and can be paired comfortably with wristwatches. These can be a part of your formal outfit if you’re trying to avoid the “too dressed up” look. They are convenient to wear every day due to their sturdy nature, making them less susceptible to breakage or damage, unlike delicate chain or band bracelets. Also, they are usually larger in size than other bracelets, giving your wrist the appearance of being smaller and delicate, which women often prefer.

Stacked bracelets

Why settle for one bracelet when you can wear many? Stacked bracelet trends have driven young women crazy in London. You can either make your own stack or buy a ready-made one. Usually, two or more are worn together that create a lovely collage of jewellery on your hand. This is a great option for indecisive people who love all the designs they possess way too much to be able to choose for any occasion. Stacking or layering bracelets often consist of these combinations: one fully or half studded, one plain chain or metal chain pendant like a knot and one delicate single studded or “name initial” design.

No matter what design you choose, it is equally important to know the kind of dress and other jewellery to pair it with. Some of these are casual, to be worn daily, while some are for special events, especially the Diamond Tennis Bracelet Hatton Garden, and you got to know the difference to be able to look dolled up every single day. 

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