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Take The First Step Towards Aged Care Courses For A Rewarding Career

EducationTake The First Step Towards Aged Care Courses For A Rewarding Career

In Australia, the number of the aging population is rapidly increasing while the number of young people is said to be shrinking in comparison. It has been found that in 2016, more than 1 out of 7 people were 65 years old and above, which is 3.7 million or 15% of the total population, and this number is expected to grow further. The Australian Bureau of Statistics expects that within a few decades, there will be at least one elderly person who will be 65 years or older in every five people in Australia. Older adults need assistance to perform their ADLs as they no longer have the strength to do so. As a result, the demand for professional support workers is constantly on the rise.

Aged care workers make a significant contribution to the daily lives of elderly people in Australia. They provide round the clock personal, emotional, and physical support to older adults living in aged care facilities. If you are looking for a promising career option, going for aged care training Perth will help you. It will open up a number of stable and rewarding career opportunity in the aged care industry. It is expected that the requirement for aged care workers will double by the year 2050. The Australian government forecasts that about 1, 79,000 job vacancies will be created in this field over the next five years. So the aged care is a booming sector in Australia. 

There are different levels of aged care courses offered by reputed institutes in Australia, being diploma, certificate III, and certificate IV, respectively. Besides providing a secure employment option, let’s find out how an aged care course can be rewarding in various other ways.

  • Variety of positions: There are various positions in the aged care industry suitable for professionals with varying skills and personalities. Besides helping older adults, you may also care for younger people with disabilities. You may work with families where a member needs additional care. You can work in a variety of environments like homes, residential aged care facilities, or a community-based facility as a nursing assistant, residential care worker, disability support worker, and more.
  • Flexibility: An aged care worker doesn’t necessarily have to follow a typical 9 to 5 schedule since the aged care industry serves 24*7. You have the option to work part-time as well as full time. As per findings by Training.gov.au, 63% of jobs offered are part-time. In addition, allowances for night shifts and weekend work make it a lucrative option for women as they need to cope up with personal responsibilities.
  • Scope for professional growth: The aged care industry employs workers at all levels ranging from support staff to managerial staff. So you can start working after completing certificate 3 in individual support Perth, and thereafter if you wish to continue and work your way up, you can go for certificate IV or diploma course. This will add to your skills and knowledge. You will also get a chance to advance your career as it opens up many additional pathways like social support, dementia, respite, and palliative care.
  • Positive and supportive team environment: An aged care worker has to work in a closely-knit team to ensure that their clients get the best possible care. All the team members work towards a common goal and need to understand the physical, emotional, and personal requirements of each elderly client living in residential care facilities. In the process, they develop great interactive skills and learn how to become a reliable and cooperative team member. You will find an extremely supportive environment created by colleagues and elderly people with a positive and fun-loving attitude.
  • It is rewarding: You would surely like to have a career where you will be incredibly rewarded, and working in the aged care industry can be rewarding. Aged care workers make a huge difference not only in the life of their clients but also their family members. They play a huge role in improving the quality of life. Elderly people have difficulty in performing their daily chores independently, which can be very depressing, and aged carers make a huge difference by helping them. Family members can have peace of mind because their loved ones get the care and attention they deserve.
  • Making a difference in people’s life: Aged care workers make a significant difference in people’s life. They not only provide assistance with personal needs like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, walking, and taking medications but also make for a great companion. An aged care staff is like a support network, friend, and listener with whom elderly people can share their feelings and experiences.

The first step towards aged care courses

Since Australia’s population is aging rapidly, it’s high time to consider a career in the aged care industry. Candidates having aged care qualifications are now in great demand as the industry needs more aged care professionals. Since there will always be a need for elderly care, this is a stable career path. You can take the first step towards aged care courses by enrolling for a certificate III course and join the industry. If you wish to advance your career further, you can go for certificate IV in aged care and take up supervisory roles. The certificate courses can be taken by students and working professionals in this area who wish to obtain a formal qualification. The certificate IV is a higher-level aged care course. Both certificate 3 in individual support and certificate IV in aged care courses are nationally recognized and funded by the government. The courses have been designed to impart the necessary skills for taking care of older adults.

Job outcomes

After completing certificate IV in aged care, you will be employed in positions like Care Team Leader, Care Supervisor, Program Coordinator-social programs, and other managerial and supervisory roles.

If providing care and support to elderly people in your dream, then take the first step towards aged courses for a rewarding career.

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