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How Can You Prevent DDOS Attacks?

TechnologyHow Can You Prevent DDOS Attacks?

The world of the internet and websites has eased the life of a significant population across the globe and created a vast range of business opportunities. However, it is still quite complex to understand and master for a huge number too. The issue adding to the complexity the most is the distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS), which have become even more common and frequent with the growing use of websites.

The distributed denial of service attacks sends false queries to the servers and extensive irregular traffic, which creates an extensive load on the website and server and leads it to crash. It is one of the basic tactics to extort money from website owners. Although DDOS attacks are inevitable, you can implement some tried and tested tips to prevent them and limit the loss.

Give a detailed read to this article to explore and learn how you can prevent DDOS attacks.

Top 7 Tips to Avert DDOS Attacks

During the pandemic, the number of website users increased extensively. It has given an opportunity to evil thinkers to exploit the opportunity by creating hurdles for website users and owners in the form of DDOS attacks. However, you should not fall prey to such threats and attacks and try your best to save your service.

Here are some of the major tips you can follow to avert DDOS attacks and ensure the smooth performance and functioning of your site.

1. Spot the Attack Early On

The first and foremost tip to help you avert the distributed denial of service attack is to spot the attack early on. If you are seeing a sudden spike in website traffic without any major reason or getting more spam, these are the signs of DDOS attacks. Not all website owners are well-versed in spotting the signs; therefore, they get services like dedicated server hosting in Dubai and let the experts host their website as well as save it from potential DDOS and other attacks.

2. Scale-Up Bandwidth

The next tip you can follow to prevent the distributed denial of service attacks on your website is scaling up the bandwidth. By doing so, you will be able to accommodate more and more traffic on your website, which will not leave room for traffic jams. Traffic jam is a popular tactic of a DDOS attack, which you will be able to safely avert using this trick.

3. Monitor Unusual Activities

One of the best tips to avert DDOS attacks is to monitor unusual activities. Every website owner puts immense effort into attracting higher website traffic. However, if you are getting higher website traffic without striving for it or launching a sale or similar other offers, then it falls in the range of unusual activity. Do not fall prey to it, and always double-check unusual activities to stay safe.

4. Formulate a Response Plan

Another significant tip you must follow to keep your website safe from distributed denial of service attacks is to formulate a response plan. If you have not encountered such an attack, it does not mean you will not attract one in the future. If you plan on experiencing it first to devise a plan, it is the worst approach. Make sure you are well prepared and have a response plan in hand to react immediately and limit the loss in the time of need.

5. Implement Cyber Security

Another effective tip that can help you prevent distributed denial of service attacks successfully is implementing cyber security. During the last decade, cyber-attacks have become quite common as well as have become quite severe in nature. So, if you want to provide a reliable service to your website users and do not put their data at stake, you must invest in and optimize cyber security.

6. Utilize Anti-DDOS Hardware and Software

One of the most important tips to help you prevent DDOS attacks is utilizing anti-DDOS hardware and software. The attacks have become quite common and are damaging as well; therefore, there are numerous software, and hardware tools available to stop them. Make sure to adopt effective measures and ensure the safety of your website against such attacks.

7. Opt For Dedicated Servers

The last and most effective tip to successfully avert DDOS attacks is to opt for dedicated servers. The hosting providers have higher bandwidth and higher capacity routers which helps them better handle and stop the attacks before they hurt other websites on their network. So, consult dedicated server hosting service providers and ensure your website is in safe hands and will not fall prey to DDOS attacks.

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Still unable to control DDOS attacks?

It can happen if you lack technical knowledge and skills. Opting for dedicated hosting is one of the best solutions to the issue as the experts can manage your website data and prevent the attack too. So, contact the professional service providers now and host your website on a dedicated server to make sure it is far from the reach of DDOS attacks.

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