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A Brief Guide to Smart Use of “White Space” in Web Design

TechnologyA Brief Guide to Smart Use of "White Space" in Web Design

White Space, also called “negative space” is empty space around and between different elements of a web page. You may consider it as a waste of valuable display, but white space is an essential element of web design. As Jan Tschichold says,

White Space is to be regarded as an active element, not a passive background.

Good use of white space creates a web design that is enjoyable and easy to interact with. Think of white space as a tether that holds every element of the web design together, without which things are left cluttered and unstructured. It is a powerful web design tool that can make or break your website interface.

How to Effectively Use “White Space” in Your Web Design?

Smart use of negative space in your web design gives your content room to breathe. If you are confused about how to use this space effectively and don’t let it go to waste, here are the top five ways to utilize white space in your web designs.

Improve readability of text

If your website has text that is tightly spaced, users will find it hard to read and cluttered. On the other hand, if you put too much space between text, there will be a disconnection in the message. According to lab research conducted by Wichita State University, increasing white space can improve readability by up to 20%.

White space is like a visual breathing space. It tells the viewer when to pause while reading. The basic role of negative space in web design is to make reading easier for users because a cluttered page is not only unattractive but also hard to read. Thus, incorporate paragraphs, margins, and line spacing in your web design.

Structure of Content

Good use of negative space can direct the viewer’s eye flow from one element to another by creating a visual hierarchy. You can use a ‘Z-shaped layout because users start reading from the top-left corner to the right and then dropdown. Or you can use an asymmetrical design, directing focus from one element on the page to another, as used by Dropbox. 

Dropbox effectively used white space in their website

Another great use of white space in the text is to use this space to break a monotonous pattern and increase the space between letters to emphasize certain elements. The amount of white space in your text is a visual cue that explains the relationship between elements. You MUST get the assistance of a website design Dubai company to ensure the proper structure of your web content.

Create focus and de-clutter

A cluttered website interface makes the user feel confused and overwhelmed by too much information and noise on the page. With too much information on your page, your brand’s core message will disappear somewhere in the clutter. By removing unnecessary elements and distractions, you can draw viewers’ attention to CTAs.

Spiral Click and the use of white space

SpiralClick has perfectly used this technique in their white space to create a natural and clean layout. When you land on their homepage, you instantly see all the essential information in the middle of the page.

A chic and luxurious design

Let’s start with an example, what comes into mind when you see the following Apple website:

Apple’s webpage design can be summed up in three words luxurious, minimal, and elegant!

Negative space is mainly used to improve the overall user experience of the website and make it aesthetically appealing. Good website design will make the user feel like they are flipping through a glossy magazine like Vogue, where white space gives an impression of elegance, sophistication, and luxury.

White space doesn’t have to be White!

This might seem a bit odd, but despite its name, white space doesn’t have to be white!

When it comes to negative space, you can use any color you want. You can even use a background image or a pattern.

You can use negative space considering your page color
You can use negative space considering your page color

Effective use of negative space is the key to managing the page flow, organization, and emphasis of the content. It is necessary if you have a long scrolling website. Another great strategy is to use blocks of colors down the long scrolling page to segment various sections and maintain the flow of information.

But don’t get overwhelmed with different color choices and consult a website design expert to customize your website’s color palette.

White Space – A Website’s Best Friend!

White Space or blank space on your page is not wasted space. It can determine if your website design is legible or not. The above five ways explain how white space can be used effectively in your website design. It is an integral part of your web design, which requires focus and a strategy.

So, go back to your online platforms and see if you have squeezed too much content in small areas. Or if you have filled every nook and cranny of your website with content?

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