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Impact of Colors in Web Designing

Art & DesignImpact of Colors in Web Designing

As our world is full of colors, similarly the e-world is also full of vibrant, bold and all the other colors. Have you ever noticed that every color has a different impact on you? It’s scientifically proven that every color has a different psychological effect on a person’s mind. 

Professional web designers are aware of this significant effect and use this technique to create the right impact with web designing. Designers try to choose the right color scheme for any website to convey your message and promote service or product.

Website Color Psychology

Colors and emotions are connected; this theory is not new. Today in the world of web design and development, web designers are also aware of this theory, and they implement it in creating any professional website.

The usage of color is not only for the beautification of the website or the visual satisfaction of the user. It is more than that the right use of the correct color creates the right impact and atmosphere for your site. 

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Red Color:

Red color represents passion, love, power, romance, fire, aggression, and so on. On the other hand, it also determines warning, danger and urgency. It also represents youth. Red is always used with caution as it can aggravate anger as well. It is usually used on the first page of the websites to emphasize the main subject.

Blue Color:

Blue is the color of calmness, serenity, tranquility, loyalty, but on the other hand, it can denote coldness and sadness. Lighter shades of blue symbolize openness also while the darker shades determine trust and reliability. 

Corporate websites and other business websites use blue color to create the impact of reliability and strength. Twitter and Facebook abundantly use medium shades of blue.

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Yellow Color:

The yellow is the color of versatility. On the one hand, it symbolizes happiness, warmth, brightness, illumination and liveliness but at the same time may also determine illness or insecurity. But mostly it is taken for its positivity. For their advertisements, most websites use yellow color as it symbolizes cheerfulness. Web designers use yellow when making a consultancy or skills development related website.

Green Color:

Green symbolizes growth, stability, fertility and nature. It also determines wealth and money. It is considered a cool color like blue, but also has the vitality of yellow. The atmosphere it creates is that of stability and balance. 

Web designers in Dubai mostly use green color for the designing of websites related to fiscal matters, environmental awareness and outdoor products.

Black Color:

Black is a very strong color which can produce both impacts of negativity and positivity as well. It determines power, sophistication, but also represents death and morbidity. Despite having a negative aspect of its meaning, black is still one of the most widely used colors in web designing. It creates a different sense when used in combination with other tones.

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White Color:

White is the universal color of peace, cleanliness, simplicity, purity, innocence, etc. web designer, mostly use white color when designing a simple website. It is used as a background on many websites, usually when people want to promote and want to bring attention to their brightly colored product or any piece of art.

The warmness and coolness of the colors; tint, tone, contrast and saturation; everything has its own effect. 

Take Away

Web designing experts should be smart enough to assimilate the colors in a way that their website creates a positive effect on the user. Site’s objective and subject should always be kept in mind to convey the idea behind.

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