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What Are Some Possible Ways To Reduce Crime?

LegalWhat Are Some Possible Ways To Reduce Crime?

It only takes a millisecond for a crime to happen. One moment you are just walking on the street, and another moment you get robbed or at times even shot by an unknown criminal.

It doesn’t matter whose mistake it is, but what matters most is that these crimes and violence can easily be reduced with a set of simple tips. 

Strict Alcohol Policies 

According to a study by NCADD, Alcohol is the reason behind 40% of the crimes. And another study by NCBI revealed a direct relation between Alcohol and gun assaults. These studies clearly show that having a gun while you are drunk is a dumb move.

While in the state of drunk, a person can’t think straight and make judgments which he can in a healthy state of mind.

One clear solution is to increase the tax on Alcohol, which will surely reduce the use of Alcohol. Secondly, reducing the outlets where Alcohol is used is also a smart move to make.

Another strategy the government can use is to introduce Alcohol offending program. This means that if there are more than two alcohol-related offenses in a day, strict action will be taken against the offender.

And it is advised that not to use Alcohol over-the-counter or, of course, before driving. Once you can implement alcohol rules strictly, it will reduce crimes automatically. 

Hot-Spot Policing 

Although over the past few years, mobile policing has been criticized a lot, this has successfully reduced crime and brought criminal justice faster than anything else. 

When police are active on the street, it can play a huge role in reducing crime by adopting evidence-based tactics. 

In most cities, there are few hot-spots where crime is at the maximum. If there is a mobile-policing active in those few areas, it will create a significant impact while fighting with crime and violence.

It is a no brainer that when police petrol is increased, there will be a sudden decrease in crime in homes, shops, and even schools. The more police interventions there are, the more effective those interventions can be. 

Moreover, this not only reduces the crime rate, but it will also help in displacing the police quickly right where the crime is happening. It is like mobile police available to be dispatched in a near crime area. 

Being Proactive 

This means that staying up-to-date with the crime. Whether you use Nashville crime or any other local crime news website, it is necessary that you keep an eye on the high-crime areas. Just like Spiderman uses radio to stay-up-to-date with his neighborhood crime, it is vital that you keep an eye on your neighboring communities that might be in a serious red alert state if left unnoticed or unattended. 

Reduce Poverty 

Mostly, crimes occur due to poverty in the region. An empty stomach can force the person to take extreme measures to feed his family. Even if the government support startups, an individual can succeed without even a degree. Just having skills is the main reason behind the success of many people. 

There is a long history of countries that have linked poverty with a crime. For a developed nation, it is crucial to overcome extreme poverty and take part in creating solutions that support educating road-side kids or even adults. 

Using Non-Violent Language 

Have you ever seen how a fight in an action flick starts with a simple conversation gone out of the way?

If only, people talk non-violently on the streets and in the bars, violence can easily be reduced. Today’s generation feels like using abusive language or talking in a violent tone is the easy way to get things done or show supremacy over another person.

Steps need to be taken to reduce conflict resolution right where things go out of hands. There should be rules and regulations on which words are banned on the streets and at the bar, and if it is followed with punishment, it will be easy for everyone to stay calm at all times.

Act Smart at all times 

We all have seen crime-fighting movies, and most of us know and understand the body language of a criminal. If you lack this skill, it is an excellent time to go and see those movies that contain crime-fighting scenes. The assaults, the robbery, and how a person tackled a criminal.

As a rule of thumb, we need to be extremely smart about fighting crime on the street.

Another effective way to act smart and reduce crime on the street is to reduce crime through environmental design — an excellent way in which you can reduce violence and crime without using a gun.

In a Nutshell

These are just some ways in which you can reduce crime and violence in your neighborhood.

Crime is something that cannot be eliminated. It can only be reduced to a low-level. At times when you are being assaulted or robbed, it might be impossible to act under a gun at your head. But if you plan things and make some strategies on how to run away or what to do when a shady guy is approaching you, you can quickly reduce the level of crime with you.

To reduce crime in your neighborhood, it is best to create a community and start night petrol so that people in your area can feel safe while they sleep with their family.

There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow to operate this community. Just create some basic rules and regulations and let everyone know what to do in case of a crime is happening or if anyone sees a crime right in front of their eyes.

Of course, there should be no gun policy while people petrol at night. A gun is a violence itself. It is best to use simple tools that you can use to threaten the criminals or robbers in your area and drive them away before they take any dangerous step.

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