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News flash from the CDC: Teenagers are curious

According to recent data from the CDC, the most common reason teens in a survey tried e-cigarettes was “I was curious about them.” There you have it a teen vaping epidemic which is not caused by the presence of flavors in the vape e-liquids and disposable vapes. Its curiosity, plain and simple, and no legislation… Keep Reading

hard disk

How to Choose the Best RAID HDD Disk Array Level: 0, 1, 5, 10

RAID hard disk drive configurations explained. How to balance cost, reliability, read/write speed, data recovery, and storage capacity. RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) systems virtually join multiple hard disk drives (HDD) to form one logical hard disk. The computer sees that one logical hard disk and not the individual hard disks. There are different… Keep Reading


Top Tips for a Faster Computer

There are ways to speed up a computer that are not common knowledge. These tips can be applied by the non-expert and can make a real difference to the user. You’ve defragmented your hard disk and applied the Disk Cleanup facility in Windows. In addition, you have removed unused programs, but you are still unhappy… Keep Reading

Cloud Computing vs. Artificial Intelligence

Ms Cloud Computing Vs. Artificial Intelligence – Best Choice for you

There has been a lot of buzz around Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing that is hard to miss. Today with access to unlimited amounts of data and generation of algorithms through deep machine learning, human beings are taking down barriers and transitioning towards a transformed digital age. With rapid technological advancements and their integration in… Keep Reading

Open Leadership Is A Key Factor in Business Growth

Why Embracing Open Leadership Is A Key Factor in Business Growth?

While the true effect of the coronavirus outbreak on business remains to be seen, early predictions from the EU Commission point towards a decline in economic activity of 7.5% in 2020.  This immediate downturn is inevitable as governments halt many business operations to contain the spread of the virus. But how the global economy will… Keep Reading


5 Best WordPress Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Websites have created a new trend and changed the dynamics of the world. With just a click, people can learn so much about new things no matter where they are. Many functions have been made much simpler with the help of websites from all walks of life. You want to buy some clothes, just look… Keep Reading

buy home
Real Estate

Why Negative Equity is Bad for First-Time Buyers

First-time buyers that have bought recently are experiencing falling house prices and negative equity. This is leading to house repossession and creditor harassment. According to the experts at Think Plutus,  the negative equity is bad for first-time buyers because: No Capital Growth for First-Time Buyers’ Many first-time buyers purchase a property because renting is seen… Keep Reading

tv shows

TV to DVR – Record Your Favorite TV Show

Viewers can still watch their favorite TV show even if time and location would not allow. A DVR will automatically record one’s favorite TV show. The TV with a good tv aerial installation can provide relaxation and enjoyment to people, but lifestyles and busy work schedules can prevent a viewer from watching a favorite TV… Keep Reading

make money

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online Working from Home

Everyone wants to make some extra money by working online because it is easy to work from home at your preferred timing. Students also want to make some money to meet their study expenses and other needs. Here in this article, you will learn 10 different easy and simple ways that can be used to… Keep Reading

watching TV

Tips for Purchasing an HD TV

Since its launch in 1998, High Definition Televisions (HD TVs) have been all the rage. Read on for the latest HD TV technology that will have your friends drooling. Technology has skyrocketed for these replacements for the standard analog TV, making trying to keep up with the Joneses comparable to the mid-1990s computer craze. HDTV… Keep Reading

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