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How You Would Effectively Get Rid of Ant Colonies

Home ImprovementHow You Would Effectively Get Rid of Ant Colonies

Ants are those insects that we have to deal with in our daily life. If you see around yourself, you will find them everywhere. Whatever you try to get rid of them, you would find them coming out more in numbers. As ants are a social insect and you could practically find them everywhere, and dealing with them could be very challenging. By using some insecticide and ant killer powders, you might kill the ones in your house, but there is a whole colony of them. Therefore, killings the one you see would not solve the problem; new ants would eventually return to your home. That is why you need to have a good understanding of how you could get rid of them. However, if your house is under a pest attack and you are anxious about the increasing number of ants, then contacting Ant Control Surrey BC experts is the best option you have. But before you contact any professional, we would give you some tips to deal with ants in your home.

Understanding Ants:

Before you go to war with your enemy, you need to have the right knowledge and understand about them. Therefore, you need to know what specie of ant you could come across and what type of ants are present inside a colony. There are hundreds of ant species known to mankind, but some species are commonly found in our houses. Some common ant species found inside homes include pavement ants, carpenter ants, and black garden ants. However, one thing that is common among these insects is the way they form their nests.

Every ant nest contains three different types of ants known as the worker ants, queens, and male ants. Female ant of the colony is called the worker ant, and they are responsible for providing the food to the colony. Queens of a colony does not go out, and their prime purpose is to reproduce with the males of the colony. The males of an ant colony just reproduce with the queens, and they die immediately after reproducing. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the ants you see inside your house are mainly the female workers of the colony roaming inside your house in search of food.

Find the Queen:

After grasping the complete knowledge about the ant colonies, you realize that the queens of a colony hold key importance. As we are unable to see them inside our houses, we often ignore their existence and mainly focus on getting rid of the worker ants. It doesn’t matter how effectively you get rid of the worker ants; the queens of the colony are constantly laying more eggs. Therefore, getting rid of the such species is not the best thing you could do; you need to emilite the source, which is the queen of the ant colony. As they would reproduce more ants, and they would keep on returning to your household.

Follow Their Trail:

Dealing with ant is not easy; you might have to prepare yourself like you are going to war. That means you can’t just attack them; you need to monitor their movement carefully. By following the trail of the ant workers, you could locate the colony of the ants where the queens are reproducing more ants. Only by carefully monitoring their movement, you could find the nest, and then you could effectively eliminate the root of the problem.

Use Baits:

Ants are not very intelligent creatures, and they would carry every source of food to their colony. Sometimes following a trail is not possible, or they have nested at someplace you can’t reach. Therefore, another way you should consider getting rid of them is by setting up an ant bait. The worker of the colony would immediately get attracted to the bait and take it to their queen as a food source. Eating that bait would cause the immediate death of the queen. So, by setting up a simple bait, you would get rid of an entire colony.

Delay Your Cleaning:

To locate the colony, you need to find the trail, and you want the worker ants to remember the trail. Clearing the surface and sweeping the ants would get rid of the ant’s odor trail. Worker ants leave a trail of chemicals along the path to the food so that others could follow it. Cleaning the place would get rid of the trail and would become difficult for you to locate their colonies.

Preventing Against Ants:

Where getting rid of the ants is necessary, it is also essential for you to have some preventions against them. You have to seal all the creaks and cracks in your windows, sockets, doors, and every other access point. Buy good quality insecticides and spray them at the entrances of the house. Always keep your kitchen neat and clean and do not leave food items open and uncovered in the kitchen. Timely and adequately dispose of all the garbage and do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink.

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