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5 Gifts To Rekindle A Lost Friendship With Loads of Love

Lifestyle5 Gifts To Rekindle A Lost Friendship With Loads of Love

When you were a kid, you knew almost everyone in your class. As a teenager, you had your own circle of friends who hung out every weekend. While in college, you gained a few more friends who swore to always be a part of each other’s life. Can you look back and say that you are in touch with the school and college friends? A big change is that the answer is ‘no.’ As soon as you enter adulthood, those precious bonds of childhood begin to fade.

For the first six months, everyone communicates with everyone else, but as time passes by and life races on, the texts and calls get limited to festivals, and even that burns out in a year or two. Colleagues become a second family, and work becomes the new priority. It is good to make new connections in life, but what you gained in your younger years was pure gold, and you should never let it go. So, today, pick a long lost friend and say hello to them once again because life is definitely too short to lose the touch of unconditional friendship.

Here are a few tokens of friendship that you can present to them to remind them that even if the time has passed, you still are the same person at heart.

A Personalised Photo Frame

Take that old photo album out and wander through some lovely memories that you and your friends lived together. Pick the one that tingles your heart the most and puts it in a personalized frame embedded with a lovely message for your friend. You don’t need to write an essay to prove what’s brimming in your heart. A heartfelt line will do the trick just right, and if you are far away from your friend, you can pick online gift delivery in Bangalore or any other city through an online gift portal.

A Box of Flowers

If you wish to say just hello and let them know that you still miss your buddy, say it with a bunch of beautiful, fresh, handpicked, and long-stemmed flowers arranged regally in a box. One look at these beauties and they will know that maybe it was a long time ago, you two communicated, but you still miss your dear friend a lot. Flowers have a beautiful way to show admiration and gratitude and make for a perfect token of friendship.

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A Handwritten Letter

Pick a pen and jot down everything that you need to tell your buddy. Write about the time you lost touch with him or her. Write about the journey you had till now, where you are standing and what are you looking forward too. Ask them about their lives and visit some old memories of school or college when not even a single day went by when you two were not together. This handwritten letter will touch their heart more than any text or Whatsapp message.

A Bottle of Champagne

If you are visiting them or meeting them after a long time, bring a bottle of champagne and raise a toast to your undying friendship because time and distance couldn’t keep you apart, nothing else could. Pour a glass or two and start a conversation that will last forever in your mind as a good memory. It’s days like these that make a person feel wholesome with love and joy.

A Childhood Souvenir

There must be days when you two were busy hunting the perfect friendship band for each other or picking gifts on birthdays. You two must have worn the same good luck charms or shared a video game every now and then. Anything that you think made a memorable impact on your time together will make for a perfect ice breaker. If you don’t have something left with you, a replica or similar present will do just fine.

Friends are the family that one gets to handpick by choice, and if you happened to have that family somewhere, it’s never too late to make them a part of your life.

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