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Which Is The Best Metal For Wedding Bands?

FashionWhich Is The Best Metal For Wedding Bands?

People focus so much on the engagement ring, that the wedding band gets sidelined. But the wedding band is something you’ll wear every day of your life. It is a symbol of lifelong commitment and marriage.

The approach of buying a wedding ring is quite different from an engagement ring. Many couples buy their wedding rings together. It is a rational, realistic decision on the part of both parties. More often, the wedding band is the most important piece of jewelry you’ll buy together, and it’s a display of your love, style, personality, and shared values. Usually, the most popular kind is the gold wedding bands. Statistics say the average wedding band costs $491 for the groom while for the bride it is around $1,126.

If you aren’t sure of how to pick the perfect wedding band, then here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Start Early in Your Search

Many couples end up waiting too late to buy wedding rings. They overlook production times and don’t give enough time to the jeweler to complete their ring.

Generally, allow your rings to be sized and have them ready for about 3-4 weeks.

If you have custom-made your wedding rings, give it even more time. Some styles may take longer, and retailers might need about 3-6 weeks.

The suggested time to start the search is about 6 months before the wedding to ensure you are not under pressure or in a rush. If you’re saving it until the last minute, you may not have time to get that perfect ring, and you’ll have to compromise.

Set Your Budget

At the outset, determining your budget will help you decide on your rings and not get side-tracked when you shop. Approximately 3 percent to 5 percent of your total wedding budget is generally recommended for your wedding rings. You can play around with the ring metal and styles to stretch out your budget. Another example is the option of white gold over platinum because both look very similar. But white gold wedding bands are cheaper than platinum ones.

Buying from big brands can add to your budget. Since a gold wedding band will be a classic piece of jewelry, you won’t find too many variations in the design from brands or local stores. But the price difference will be quite significant.

Choose According to Your Lifestyle

Most people forget that their choice of wedding ring must suit their lifestyles. Given that this is a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for a lifetime, it must suit your lifestyle to make sure it lasts forever. The ring you buy is supposed to be stylish but practical too. For example, if you are outdoorsy or active, then select a metal strong enough to withstand so much exposure.

Choose wedding ring According to Your Lifestyle

Why Select Gold Wedding Bands?

Gold is the traditional metal used for wedding rings. It is a good idea for the bride and groom to pick the same metal for a matched look. While the designs might be different, having the same metal gives a subtle but beautiful link to the two rings.

Here are some variations in metal for gold wedding bands.

Yellow Gold

For a wedding ring, this is the conventional and classic choice. It is best to go with 14-carat or 18-carat gold when choosing the yellow gold. They’ve got the best look and endurance.

Yellow gold with a purity of over 75% will be too soft to wear daily and will scratch and lose shape quickly.

More than 14-carat will make an alloy more robust, but it won’t look a lot like gold.

White Gold

Where platinum exceeds the budget, white gold makes a great substitute. It is an extremely popular variety of modern metal and a great option for wedding rings. Nevertheless, the rhodium plating on the white gold will wear off over time, forcing you to re-polish the ring.

Rose Gold

This was a very popular metal during Victorian times and has gained popularity again recently. The pinkish color gives a ring a romantic and feminine touch. Due to the copper which is used in making it, it is a very durable metal. It does not tarnish and it preserves its color.

Should You Match Your Wedding Bands?

Matching your wedding ring with your partner has been the usual norm. But there are two aspects you can consider-

A connection between the two rings is always a nice touch, but otherwise can be achieved in different ways. A heartfelt engraving, for example, could be a personal touch between the two of you even though the outward appearance of the rings does not match.

The other thing is whether you want to match the engagement ring to the wedding ring. The two rings should complement each other to look unified. Experts say using the same metal is key to achieving this cohesive look, but it depends on whether you want it.


Selecting the wedding ring should not be as stressful as it’s made to look. If you keep in mind a few pointers and follow your instincts, you’ll surely find the perfect wedding ring for yourself and your partner.

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