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The Guide To Your Hair’s Happiness

LifestyleThe Guide To Your Hair’s Happiness

Hair the crowning glory of your body. This head of hair can sometimes be confusing, and sometimes it’s downright frustrating. Using it, the right products are needed for styling. So, we have put together a guide for your hair and styling. The quintessential WH questions are finally addressed.

Know Yourself

Knowing your hair is what will help you figure out your routine and what suits it when you are styling. We all assume an intricate hairstyle means it needs a lot of product. More often than not, we are wrong. Too much product also makes for a bad hairstyle and difficult to save it as well.

The famous, Serge Normant is known to have styled the hair of the likes of Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford. He says to figure out what works for your hair is absolutely important. Do you want to manage the frizz? Have volume? Have a hairstyle that stays? Has coloring it has made it brittle? Has over washing caused it to be dry and breakage?

These are things we tend to overlook, thinking it will get better over some time. This is the basis of all sorts of hair issues. Moreover, many hairstyles don’t even stay if it isn’t taken care of properly. Treating your hair makes sure you have a great head of hair. Choose products like Moroccanoil Texture Clay; it gives your hair great texture and nourishes it as well. Once you are sure of what kind of hair you have, you will realize one or two products are more than sufficient for styling.

Know Your Products:

Haircare products come in a vast range, but knowing what they do and how to use them is the difference between a great hairstyle and a mess. 

Mousse: Mousse generally comes in a pressurized can and can be used by any and everyone. Mousse can be used in any amount, depending on the length of your hair. From a pea size to the size of a cricket ball, it’s all acceptable — this helps in using less spray for your hairstyle.

Wax: Wax is known to have maximum hold, so it is great if you have a crop cut or a shaggy length hair cut. Agreed it’s difficult to wash off, but it holds the hair in place throughout the day.

Pomade: A greasier version of wax. It is heavier, but it also has a shinier look to it. A pomade should be used with some caution since it is very heavy on the hair. So, always use the size of a penny or less. Make sure you rub it between your palms before you apply it in your hair.

Volumizer: Mostly used by people who have limp hair and need a bit of oomph and lift in the hair.

Hairspray: It is probably the most widely used item that allows your hair to retain the style which you have so tediously put together! 

There are many more such products which decide what you should and shouldn’t use for your hair. Moroccan Oil hair clay is one such product that gives you a matte finish and keeps it from getting too oily.

Know-How To Shampoo:

Knowing your hair type only makes it easier on your hair to be washed and managed. Make sure you have sulfate-free shampoo because it balances your hair’s pH levels and doesn’t dry out it as much as a sulfate ridden shampoo does. Use a conditioner from mid-lengths to the ends. Conditioning your scalp can cause you to have an oily scalp. But it is recommended that you use a shampoo comprising of sulfate to help you cleanse out the product build-up from time to time.

Knowing your hair is so important, most of us fail to understand it. The following blog is just a guideline in how you should understand and manage your hair. Hairstyling is very frequent in this day and age. Always respect your hair like you would respect fine wine or a wagyu steak. Love it, cherish it and take care of it like there isn’t a tomorrow.

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